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Pencil Drawing Lessons

A collection of tutorials on drawing with graphite pencils.
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"Pencil Drawing: The Guide to Graphite"

Pencil Drawing Course
"Pencil Drawing - The Guide to Graphite" is a complete video course on pencil drawing with graphite designed for beginner and intermediate artists. The goal of this course is to provide the learner with a rich learning experience through "easy to digest" modules consisting of video demonstrations and accompanying ebooks. (19 Modules | 18 eBooks)



You can draw - A how to draw webinar
Think it takes talent to draw? In this webinar, you'll see that it doesn't and that you CAN draw anything that you wish. Drawing exercises are included.
How to draw a feather
Learn how to draw a realistic feather. Use shape, line, and value to create realistic textures.
Shading Techniques with Pencil
Learn how to create accurate shading in a drawing. This tutorial includes shading techniques as well as the principles of understanding light.
How to draw a sphere
Learn how to draw a sphere and the proper terminology on shading in this free drawing lesson video.
Continuous Line Drawing Exercise
Creating a continuous line drawing is an easy and effective drawing exercise. Learn the "ends and outs" of creating one in this tutorial. 
Free Drawing Lessons- Blind Contour Line
Learn the basics of drawing with the exercise known as "Blind Contour Line Drawing" in this drawing video.


How to draw a realistic eye
Learn how to draw realistic eyes in this free drawing lesson video.
How to draw a face with pencil
Learn how to draw a face with graphite. Both male and female examples, and the profile view are explored in 4 video demonstrations and illustrations.
How to draw a hand
Learn how easy it can be to draw hands in this free drawing tutorial.
Free Drawing Lessons- How to Draw Noses
The most complete guide to drawing noses. This page focuses on drawing realistic noses using a pencil.
How to draw hair - drawing lesson
Learn how to draw hair in this ultimate guide that demonstrates a four-step process.


How to draw a realistic tree
The ultimate guide to drawing trees with four lessons included. Lesson one teaches you how to draw a tree with graphite pencils.
One point perspective lesson
Learn how to create the illusion of space using one point perspective in this free drawing lesson video.
Two point perspective lesson
Learn how to create the illusion of space using two point perspective in this free drawing lesson video.



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A Bit About Graphite

Graphite is the dark gray material that is found in most pencils.  Graphite is most commonly referred to as pencil or lead.  Graphite is a grayish material that is available in a variety of different grades. 

"HB" is most commonly called a #2 pencil and is found in the middle of  the grades.  Softer graphite pencils are named "B" pencils and range from "B" (soft) to "9B" (extremely soft).  "B" pencils generally make darker marks because of the softness of the graphite.  One downside to "B" pencils are that they become dull easily. "H" pencils are made of harder graphite and range from "H" (hard) to "9H" (hardest). 

"H" pencils make lighter marks but keep a sharp point for a longer period of time.  Graphite also comes in large chunks that are not in pencils.  This graphite is used for covering large areas of a surface quickly.Free Drawing Lessons-Graphite

*NOTE: The quality of the graphite pencil that you use for your drawings does affect the quality of the result. Check out the brands I recommend here.