25 Days to Better Drawings: Texture Study #3

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Lesson Discussion

  1. I’m curious… is it possible to capture the details in texture using just one pencil and varying the pressure? Or will the tooth of the paper make it harder to do so?

  2. Matt my charcoal white pencil won’t go down very well, it’s like the surface is slippery and I’m not getting a lovely bright white like you do 😢

    Beth I got mine on wish but any art/craft shop should have them, have you been to spotlight?

    • Hi Diane,

      When using white charcoal and graphite together, you have be careful not to put too much graphite on the surface before applying the white charcoal.The white charcoal will not cover or go over the graphite very well. Do you think this is what is happening here?

      • hi Matt, Thank you for being so patient. I admire the way you teach and I am really engaged and motivated to see the lessons.

        You’re right about the white charcoal, on not applying too much graphite at first coz it happens to me. However, I still feel that the charcoal i bought was of cheap quality that’s why there is no strong contrast and also the white looks ashy. Do you have any preference or recommendation on white charcoal?

        Again I am grateful I found your online classes. Thank you Matt.

  3. Of all the module projects so far, this has proved to be the toughest challenge for me. Getting the inner inner rings of the bolt to look more or less round was hard. Still I’m learning more new things with each module. Thank you, Matt.

  4. Great I really enjoyed that one I love how the light pops out when using the white charcoal pencil as always Matt your tutorials are amazing! Really starting to build up a really good sketch book to refer to !
    Many thanks Jan

  5. I was wondering (also in the previous exercises) why my drawings on gray paper have much less contrast than yours. Now it finally clicked in place, that I need softer pencils than you use. 2B instead of H and 4B instead of 2B did the trick!

  6. Hi Matt,

    I bought Derwent Tinted Charcoal Pencil and it does not seemed to be able to cover any of the graphite at all. Is there a difference between white charcoal pencil and tinted white charcoal pencil?

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