25 Days to Better Drawings: Light and Shadow

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Lesson Description

In this module, we'll learn how to use value to create the illusion of light and form in a drawing. Concepts covered include highlight,core shadow, midtone, cast shadow, and reflected highlights.

Lesson Materials

Graphite drawing pencils: H, HB, 2B, 4B, gray drawing paper, white charcoal pencil, and a blending stump.

Lesson Resources

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Thanks for the helpful lesson. I had to rework the area between the highlight and the terminator line because I forgot to put the gray tone down before I added the white. After a few tweaks I got it.

  2. Mat, great lesson. The section of the video with the light source moving over the sphere is impressive. I will practice drawing the sphere with the light source in different positions. I am trying to keep up with all these lessons. Thanks.

  3. It’s a good thing my desk is flat or my lovely sphere would roll right off the paper! Matt, your guidance is really, really helpful; thank you!

  4. I’m finding drawing the sphere goes well. The challenge I am having is making the ellipse “proper” size. Any suggestions for ensuring the shadow and sphere match and are appropriate for the light source? Thank you for some great lessons!

  5. Great lesson. Like Michelle mentioned, I am having trouble with the ellipse, cast shadow seeming to be out of proportion. Are there any suggestions or additional lessons that would help me with this?
    Thanks again Matt!

  6. Am enjoying the lessons Matt. The way you explain something so complex is the most elegant way possible is highly appreciated. Its making the learning process easy and enjoyable.

  7. Matt, despite all my due diligence and me trying my best to do the shades, i still don’t seem to get the value right on simple shapes of objects. Why is that?

  8. I wish I could post pictures of how much my drawings have improved in such a short span. Just finished the Day 9 course. Am really enjoying the lessons Matt! Thanks very much for breaking down such complex concepts and helping to boost my confidence with drawings.

  9. Another great lesson, thanks Matt. What I find intriguing, is that now I’m looking at everything in a new way. I’m looking at light sources and how the light falls on objects, which is actually incredibly complex as light comes from so many different sources. Thanks for opening my eyes!

  10. Thanks Mat for this lesson 👍
    i was to close with my eyes and thought hmm,
    but when i stood up to make sone coffee i though hey that looks good.
    i tend to forget sometimes to look it from a different angle

  11. 2 weeks ago I could not draw a circle. Yesterday I did this lesson and a ball jumped out of the paper. I can draw a circle now and am so pumped about this class. Thank you, Matt!

  12. I am finding the white charcoal pencil difficult to sharpen, without breaking. Is there a technique you recommend? Is there an acceptable substitute for white charcoal that is harder? Thank you for this course. I am really enjoying the experience of learning and improving with your help.

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