25 Days to Better Drawings: Line Quality

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Hi Matt I have drawn off and on for the last 50 years and never felt confidant in my lines and it was a lot erase and redraw of the line and in the end I would end up with a good but worn out image. The shapes do help, my perspective is another thing that has me erasing. I drew this picture a couple of times to get that correct. I have never had a drawing class and always depended on ‘that doesn’t look right system’. This is going to work much better and cleaner. Thank you

    • Hi Louise,
      I’m a newbie also to drawing, would always use traceables when painting but have been forcing myself to free hand more and more, been using the grid method but even stuff that up 😂
      I’ve only been following Matt for a few days but can already identify shapes and lines easier and learning to look at the dimensions and shapes, so much easier.
      With this day 5 one I couldn’t get the lengths correct, kept on rubbing out 😂 but then thought look at the shape, so did just that, it’s an arc at the bottom, then straight lines forming the sides and top of a square, so drew that shape in first then all my lengths were correct, just draw the lines and balls to the edges and there you have it, all the correct length! 😀

  2. Thank you for creating theses lessons. I never thought about how line can add more interest to a drawing before. I thought it was interesting how just adding a little thicker line to different sections of the drawing makes the drawing appear more dimensional.

  3. I used to do this and I knew this happens all the time in other artists’ work but I never had any standard. This lesson let me know I can make my own standard and it’s fine to do that. Thanks!

  4. My first pen and ink. Have been waiting to try out my pens. Love how the thickness makes such a difference on the eye.thank you Matt for explaining in such easy to follow steps.

  5. At the beach yesterday saw a driftwood snag and for first time saw it in terms of shapes – making it appear possible for me to draw. I tried, but failed, to attach photo. Thank you!

  6. Thank you Matt for your intersting lessons. They are very clear, inspiring and easy to follow, making me perfectly understand the elements of art (lines and shapes so far).

  7. Matt, when you ‘thicken’ your lines do you always do it on the inside of your original pencil line? Thank you! These lessons have been fun so far!

  8. Thank you Matt I went to far into continuing the drawing yesterday I got carried away , then realised today’s lesson was going in a different direction which is far more interesting! I’ve learnt another lesson today too ! Wait for you to explain it’s ok tho I started again, but will definitely hang on next time ! Loving these modules!
    Regards Jan

  9. I eventually got the shapes more or less correct (someone passing on a galloping horse would recognise it for what it is)and the application of ink makes a big difference in
    the “aesthetics” for sure. Very pleased actually, some good stuff coming out of these lessons.

  10. I found this exercise so incredibly difficult! I have never used a pen for drawing before and I had a terrible job controlling it. The lines were all quavery. I wish I had paid more attention to tracing when I was at school!

  11. I’m an intermediate watercolorist. Just dawned on me that I have to learn to draw to continue on. Love this course and enjoying drawing. Also, love your tee shirts; how can I get some!!! Tom P

  12. I keep returning to drawing throughout my life. It is something I really want to do, but I dont have any training in it. My hand-eye coordination is improving however. Maybe this will be the course I learn from!

  13. I am enjoying the lessons. I’m learning so much! I did have trouble getting the shape/lines correct in the center of the jack(lesson 4). I found the contour lessons in day 5 amazing!!

  14. Please help. I can’t get the middle correct. I have the basic shapes right but I don’t know how to draw the middle piece. I’m about to cry I’m so frustrated.

    • Hi Tanya,

      It’s okay to be frustrated. This is a sign of growth. Take a step back and try again or just move on to the next day. You are recognizing that your drawing is not quite right. This is good!!! All drawings are “not quite right”. Our goal is to get them as “right as possible”. This ultimately comes through practice and being wrong a lot. It’s okay. Frustration can kill your motivation right when you’re getting ready to take a big step. Don’t let that happen to you.

    • Take a break from it if it’s feeling too frustrating. Come back to it and try again. I understand it can be very frustrating but please don’t give up. You will get this and be proud of yourself for it.

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