25 Days to Better Drawings: Value

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Interesting to use white charcoal pencil to provide different tints – my current mentor is an accomplished graphite artist who abhors using anything other than graphite and the paper for tonal variation.

    • Hi Marise,

      That’s unfortunate. In my opinion, it’s little narrow-minded to “abhor” any form of art other than the form that you prefer to create.

    • i use NYONI brand
      found it on amazon under color charcoal pencils….
      good price for 8.
      Still I want to buy some gray paper to get the most out of them!
      Have fun with art!

  2. Thank you Matt. I found this helpful. I just began drawing in the Spring and don’t have any experience using charcoal. My white charcoal pencil does not seem to lay down the charcoal easily and I have to play with it. any ideas?

    • Hi Maureen,

      This could be due to the paper you are using or if there is too much graphite already on the surface. White charcoal doesn’t easily spread over graphite applications. It’s best to apply the white graphite first and then push values darker with the graphite pencil.

      • thank you This does help. This is a new white charcoal pencil and it was the first time that I used white charcoal. I seemed to have less trouble the with the white charcoal when I practiced the following day

  3. I’m not getting much of difference between 4B and 2B and between 2B and HB. I tried a different brand of pencils but still pretty much the same: it seems I can only get a smooth transition by varying the pressure which seems to defeat the purpose of using different B’s.
    On the hand, the “jump” in value between HB and the ‘middle Grey’ is wide. I got better results with using HB for the first grey and the using the H for the others.

    I like the white charcoal approach on the grey toned paper,

  4. I must say the Derwent pencils are much darker then my EberharsFaber ones, so i made a second swatch with the Mars Lumograph black.
    but when first putting the white charcoal and then the H it git scrachy while blending, nit smooth.
    Now up to the vorms

  5. is it normal that my HB is significantly darker than my 2B? th HB is staedler HB2 and and the 2b is a faber castell 9000, its driving me nuts

  6. is it normal that my HB is significantly darker than my 2B? th HB is staedler HB2 and and the 2b is a faber castell 9000, its driving me nuts…

  7. I’m using Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils and the value scale was a disaster. 4B, 2B, and HB all looked the same. I redid it and got much better results with 6B, 2B, 2H, and 3H.

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