25 Days to Better Drawings: Basic Facial Proportions

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Lesson Discussion

  1. This lesson was wonderful, thanks! I’ve never really done portrait drawing but with the techniques you’re showing us, it all comes together for me.

  2. This is awesome.I have learned several tips that make my work look more realistic. Your style of teaching is very easy to understand. Thank you!!!

  3. Hi you say we are drawing from imagination so no reference photo, and to draw a circle, no dimensions mentioned. I drew a circle and began drawing the connected lines for the square, however, must have been the size of my circle because I got a rectangle not a square. When I did this and ended up with a face more like a horses than a humans ie very long. What did I do wrong please?

    • Hi Christine,

      It’s hard to say without seeing the drawing, but it sounds like you may have drawn an oval instead of a circle in the early stages of the drawing.

  4. Portrait drawing also has been somewhat of a stumbling block for me ! I did one of my husband a few years back he looked more like Marc Almond the singer than my husband, he never let me forget it ! Watching this I now can see I was going wrong in so many areas ! I loved this lesson I will also be looking at some of the other courses when we have done here ! Thanks once again Jan

  5. This was a fun exercise and another useful tool for my drawing practice. I placed the brow line a little low, but my face appears human and properly proportioned so I’ll call that a win.

  6. This was a really great exercise. My first attempt at ever drawing a realistic looking human face and it turned out pretty well.

    I do have trouble with the shading though. It ends up looking as though I just scribbled all over the drawing. Is this and issue with the pencil I’m using, or because my sketch paper doesn’t have much texture, or is it just technique? How can I learn better shading technique?

  7. A great lesson Matt – loved it, especially after yesterday’s bizarre lesson results around the nose and mouth of the girl.
    Off to the ‘Portrait drawing the smart way’.

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