25 Days to Better Drawings: Texture Study #2

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Okay, THAT was hard. I have plenty of patience, but I think I might have managed better with a more textured paper. My paper has almost no tooth. Also, I find that I need to move to a softer pencil early on as I’m not achieving the strength of value as you are and I’m scratching the paper in attempt to do so. Your comment? On the bright side, I guess the challenge to get brick and mortar texture onto smooth paper is all the greater learning experience…

    • You can always try a rougher paper. We all have different approaches and that’s always okay. Some may find that a smoother surface gives them more control over the texture, while others may prefer to rely more on the tooth to create the impression of visual texture.

  2. hard hard for me to get the illusion of texture. I definitely learned about shine by getting shine 😐 I know I learned but the result is less competent than other lessons.

  3. Thank you, Matt, for this and all the other absolute excellent lessons and courses. When I saw it was a wall that I need to draw I just knew that there was no way that I can do this. And I did!!! And I really enjoyed it as well!! Thanks again!!

    • Hi Owen,

      Graphite shine is partly caused by the flattening of the tooth or texture of the paper. Once the tooth is flattened, it cannot be reversed. Graphite is also shiny by nature, so some shine is expected.

    • Hi Owen,

      On gray paper, yes. On white paper – probably not. It would be better to erase out highlights on white paper than to use white charcoal.

  4. My blending stumps are so full of graphite I don’t needed a pencil. I can shade with them. Sometimes too dark! Am I suppose to be cleaning them?

    • I have seen that “shaving” them with a craft knife will clean them. I have also heard that they shouldn’t be cleaned. As a novice, I cant advise one way or the other. Personally, I am just going to buy new ones and when I feel that the old stumps are not just blending but adding tone, I will switch to new ones.

  5. Matt you make it look so easy ! I must admit though I do enjoy doing this it’s so satisfying, there is something quite beautiful in looking at different textures in brick work ! I happen to take a lot of photos of walls with plants or ferns growing in them !
    I love how you explain everything so thank you this lesson

  6. I found this lesson challenging, but very worthwhile in my quest to draw natural objects. I have been struggling to draw the giant spruce trees in my yard. Today I was able to study the bark on the trunk. Although the light kept changing, your method of capturing values was really helpful.

  7. When I saw the printed photo of the bricks, I thought No way I can do this it looks very difficult. However after completing the exercise I was happy with the outcome even though it is not a perfect drawing. I am looking forward to repeating this lesson tomorrow.

  8. This and the last few lessons have been so hard. I feel like we’ve made a big leap up from the earlier lessons – satisfying to try and attempt this but after a second attempt at drawing the texture of one brick, I still have a long way to go with this! I guess practice practice practice is the answer.

  9. I am improving a lot with this course, and I will surely upgrade to full membership, as soon as I finish this particular track.
    Despite the wonderful shift my cost-benefit curve is taking, I am not only improving my craft but my design parameters as well.
    I expect to see wonderful learning experiences when I go upgraded to this platform.
    Humberto, from Guatemala.

  10. Matt I REALLY APPRECIATE your very thorough teaching !! So far I have mostly been watching… due to personal time constraints… but the drawings I have done with the lessons DEFINITELY are a growth and I am learning a LOT !
    THANK You for the details and tips !

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