25 Days to Better Drawings: Positive and Negative Space

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Lesson Discussion

  1. I found this lesson helpful for seeing shape. I can see how this technique would also help with “drawing” the shapes with a paintbrush for underpainting. Thanks.

  2. I was skeptical, but this technique does help me. I think it works because my brain does not try to help understand the negative shapes as it does with the positive ones. Also nice reference for this exercise, i like the result, it’s artsy :).

  3. You have chosen a fab photo as the reference! This is a great way too for getting a drawing in the correct proportions! I saw both the vase & the heads has this any relation to what side of the brain we use ?

  4. When I was a small child, my grandmother would save all of the pictogram puzzles from her crossword puzzle books for me. It’s basically the same thing, only the squares are in order instead of all jumbled up!

  5. I don’t understand why the exercise started off with a fairly complicated drawing for the exercise. I needed something simpler to build my confidence. This discouraged me.

    • Hi Beth,

      This subject is moderately challenging. But every exercise should be challenging so that you grow. Learning to draw isn’t easy but it’s possible for anyone and frustration is part of it. This is just one concept of many to build and learn from. This exercise is not about the final result. It’s about understanding the concept. If we just did easy things, we’d never grow.

  6. Really love this concept of seeing negative and positive shapes. It’s curious, at least for me, that itt is easier to draw the shapes of the negative space. I suppose because they don’t really represent “a thing” so my mind doesn’t try to force the shape into something that is not really there.

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