25 Days to Better Drawings: Three Point Perspective

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Hello, I have noticed that the lines have to cut through specific places (like the third line has to cut through the intersection of two other lines). I think you haven’t mentioned it in video.
    But I find all 1-2-3 points perspective videos a masterpiece! And you also have a very calm voice. Thank you!

  2. I have no problem understanding the 3 point perspective concept, I’t when I look at all of the criscrossing lines that gets me a little confused.

  3. this is the first time perspective methods have made sense. You are a fantastic instructor, Matt! I haven’t drawn much since I was a young girl and I am so enjoying it again!!!

  4. Found this one simple which surprised me ! Think it was because I’d done the one point & the two point perspective until I fully understood each one ! How you explain is good plus having the Ebooks really helped looking forward to tomorrow ‘s lesson many thanks Matt !

  5. Hi, professor, I am Humberto, from Guatemala, I am improving really a lot, therefore I will go premium member, as soon as I finish the remaining lessons. Thank you a lot and, besides, I am watching at your Youtube videos as well.

  6. I’m still working on this. I just can’t get it. I can get the bird’s eye view (sometimes) but the worm’s eye view i cannot get!

    Are certain lines supposed to intersect with intersections of other lines?

  7. Excellent! Thank you. During the previous video I was wondering how to tackle the situation where the vanishing point is outside of the picture plane.

  8. I’m enjoying the perspective lessons. I understand that moving the third point farther out of the picture frame would make the vertical lines of the buildings more vertical. Is there any guidance or parameters for making those lines more realistic?

  9. I was aware of the concept and approach to 3 point perspective, but never really put pencil to paper in this regards. The bird’s eye view was easier for me to grasp and he worm’s eye view seems to take a bit longer to comprehend and execute. But in the end, my drawings came out well. Great lesson and a lot of fun.

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