25 Days to Better Drawings: The Final Exercise

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Wow! The difference between my before and after are amazing. Thank you for assembling this course. I really enjoyed how things were broken into small pieces to practice.

  2. Hi, Matt,

    This course was soooo helpful. When I started drawing a couple years ago, I joined a continuous class at a local college where we drew a different object during every class. Everyone’s skill level was so different that it was kind of like jumping into a pool and if you didn’t drown, you learned to swim. I never got the fundamentals in a logical easy-to-understand sequence with demonstrations, which is exactly what this course is – along with your other courses. I’ve viewed several of them, and my work takes quantum leaps with every one. Thanks so much for how much you’ve helped my drawings because you’re teaching me to see differently.

  3. I just finished this course and this makes the 6th completed course I have taken so far. This course, along with the other five has been amazing! I can’t thank you enough. Each course is so chock full of information and presented in such an organized way, so as to make
    learning each skill much easier.

    I used to feel embarrassed to call myself an artist. But now, I feel so much more confident in my drawing, that I no longer am embarrassed to call myself an artist. And although I know there is still so much more to learn and explore, the “hit or miss” feeling is starting to give way to “I know I can do this” (ok, maybe not yet with gesture drawing —- but even with that, I feel there is a way forward).
    And it is this new found feeling of confidence that I thank you, Matt, that I thank you for the most.

    • Wow! Thanks so much for your comments Georgiana! This has made my week! This is the whole point of the website and all of the work we put into it!

  4. Wow, Matt, this has been exhilarating. The course was very detailed and easy to follow. By the time I reached 24th exercise already could see the big difference in my drawing. Thank you.

  5. I have just finished this amazing course today and I have learnt so much. The courses have inspired me and make me realize that I could actual draw. Thanks so much Matt!

  6. Thank you so much for this class! I just finished my “after” drawing. My observation and drawing skills have improved significantly. I am so grateful to have taken this course and look forward to choosing and starting the next class. Although I enjoy taking classes from a teacher in person, this class has been very helpful as a busy person. You are a talented artist and teacher.

  7. Matt: Thank you very much for this class and for hosting such a marvelous resource at ‘The Virtual Instructor’! I began this course on July 4th and finished it on August 4th. Over the period of the thirty-one days (when time permitted) I worked through the Daily Lessons sequentially and each day was very marked with “success” (even with my limited skill set).
    Even though many of the concepts were somewhat familiar to me I did NOT have any formal training or ‘guided’ instruction in the methods covered in the course. Any skills or knowledge I had were “self taught” and as a result I struggled with and often abandoned my efforts because of the ‘frustration’ I felt.
    Your instructional technique and the way the lessons were presented were ‘priceless’! Clearly you possess the skills of a great artist and also the ‘passion’ of an “educator” to share/guide and encourage the student.
    I am eager to follow the path laid out in this course and “explore” the other areas and mediums available through ‘The Virtual Instructor’ site!
    Thanks for rekindling my love of art…I now have a reliable learning source for my ongoing artistic journey!
    Patrick K.

  8. hi Matt.i really enjoyed every bit of it…this journey for me was marvelous..now i can clearly make a difference in my work before and after your course….thanks Matt for providing us a great opprtunity do discover our capibilities…..looking forward to more courses…thanks alot

  9. That was great fun and really well presented – the results weren’t always what I wanted, but I’m intent on improving – thanks for the inspiration!!

  10. Thank you Matt. I really enjoyed the course and have seen so much improvement over the last 25 days. The course was well structured and was great fun completing the task for the day. I am inspired and I would like to continue my journey. You are a great teacher.

  11. Thank you so much for this program and I am also looking forward to learn from the other programs on this website. I searched so much and I finally find you. Now, I am so motivated and excited to learn more and practice more 🙂

  12. Thanks Matt!
    You have inspired me to continue on! You are very easy to learn from. I can’t thank you enough. I am looking forward to the next course!

  13. Thanks Matt,

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. I completed the course and could definitely see improvements and able to now better judge my strengths and weaknesses. I will continue with the fundamental courses as I believe they will continue to strengthen what I actually need to see.


  14. Matt, thank you so much! That was an amazing course, and I expect to stick around your website for years to come. You are a fantastic teacher, one in a million. I’ve been recommending you to everyone I know who’s expressed interest in learning how to draw, and I will continue. Really, can’t thank you and recommend you highly enough.

  15. Thank you very much Matt. This is a wonderful course and you are an amazing Teacher. drawing the head/ still life and figure drawing are my favorites. the lessons were really good very understandable. Thank you / thank you.

  16. A fantastic teacher! Thank you so much for this ! I have done every day for the last 25 days it’s become a plan in my weekly activities , my bit of me time , I have to say it’s the best therapy anyone can have to allow you to forget what’s going on in the world right now ! Well being is so important! I have also found that I am so much more confident on where I want to take my art !
    I will be along on the other courses that you do too ! They are so professional, so informative also so inspiring I would fully recommend this site to any of my arty friends ! Can’t thank you enough Matt ! Keep safe keep well , keep inspiring. Jan a very happy student !

  17. This was SO helpful. I had almost no drawing skills/experiences going into this course, and it was GREAT. Just looked at my pre/post, and there was huge difference!! This was a great course to jump start my intro to drawing!!

  18. This is a fantastic course! I feel like I learned so much in only 25 lessons. I feel more confident about trying to draw more complex subjects. Thank you!

  19. This course was so great. I am not an artist by any means but when I retired I picked up drawing after taking a class. I loved it however, needed more confidence and skill. This course has given me both. Thank so much Matt.

  20. This is such an amazing course. I learned so much in this course. The course is well structured and at the same time not overwhelming. I enjoyed every lesson and was able to keep up te pace with the instructor. Thank you Matt. Keep making more such videos.

  21. This course is so well organized to include all the fundamentals, some of which were not included when I was in art school many years ago. I will be using these principles in all of my future work. The difference in my before and after drawings is amazing. I am so pleased and grateful to have found this online art school.

  22. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your skill and talent not just with your art but your method of teaching. Not all artists can be as equally talented in their instructive abilities and skills. I learned sooo much from this course. Once again, thank you so much.

  23. Thanks Matt for your excellent instruction in this class. It’s exactly what I needed to jump start me back into drawing. You are so patient and explain concepts so well. I LOVE having you as an instructor. I’m now taking the Realistic Pencil Drawing class now. Thank You!!!

  24. Matt, you have been my an absolute joy to watch and learn. My first memory of drawing was at about at the age of four, and I have never stopped. I will have to say your lessons have reinforced some of my own knowledge to a much higher level, at 82 now with your help I can continue with much more confidence. God bless you and keep up the good work.

  25. Waaaawhooo!!! Another mile stone in my artistic journey …Thank you, very much Matt!
    Can’t wait to add some colors to this journey!

  26. Thank you. I started with oils years ago without the basics that I struggled with composition, drawing forms, perspective and so on. This series is so chock full of information that I just can’t get enough of it. Again thank you for sharing your knowledge in such a concise and easy to follow manner.

  27. What a great course, this was just what I needed, when I needed it. Loved it – a well thought out course that gradually built concepts and skill. Thanks Matt and the team, a great experience.

  28. Hello Matt! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate learning from you! Your patience and approach to teaching us your skills is unmatched!
    It took me longer than 25 days but I feel so confident, compared to before. I am also finding myself taking an interest in other avenues of art. I will continue to take your classes to get a full spectrum of what is available to me.
    Thank you so very much!

  29. Hey Matt, thank you for your excellent classes. I gave up drawing and art fifty years ago, in high school, and I’m so excited to finally devote my time to its pursuit through your classes. I belong to two hands on art groups and I’ve been able to see improvement in my art on a weekly basis. Thank you again for presenting art in an understandable and informative way. Now, to decide on which of your classes to take next. Hugs k

  30. Thank you soooo much Matt. It’s been a real pleasure and a great opportunity. Your explanations are so clear and easy to understand. I can’t wait to watch all the other courses!

  31. Aloha Matt – I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this course. This is my first ever drawing class…at the age of 51. I only wish I discovered my love of drawing at an earlier age. Your course was so well organized & the e-resources were an added bonus!!! And, your teaching style is awesome. I’m looking forward to starting another course. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with a wannabe artist !!!! Michelle

  32. Thank you Matt. I loved the whole course. I attempted everything. Even the skull -although a very scary version, looked a bit like it was supposed to. I know I am improving. Your skills as an artist and a teacher are simply the best. I wish you all the best .

  33. Matt,

    Again, I thank you for thee way you teach; so logical and thorough. I’ve learned a lot that I will transfer to my artistic endeavors. I’m looking forward to another course soon.

  34. This is probably the best online drawing class out there. The sequential presentation of processes and techniques combined to create a series of lessons that were approachable, challenging and creative. I’m eager to jump into another class and continue to hone my observational skills and develop the techniques I was introduced to or reacquainted with in this course. Thank you!

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