25 Days to Better Drawings: The Illusion of Space

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Thank you for this lesson and all the previous lessons. You teach the concepts in a concise manner that is very easy to understand. I liked the way you categorized each spacial concept with a drawing experience to teach the illusion of and space reinforce the definition of the concept.So helpful!

  2. OMG! Absolutely loving this course. Such a fantastic balance of theory and practical. Amazing how I’ve found some bits easy when I thought they would be hard, then hard when I thought they would be easy. I’m hating drawing with a ruler, and the 1st single point perspective task totally messed with my head! Lesson 15 started of challenging me, but I’m getting there…will be happy to get to the point of losing the ruler 🤣

    This is the best money I’ve ever spent! Coloured pencils for me after this course 😊

  3. I have learned these concepts before with different teachers.But no one has drummed into my head the concepts like this!I am going to love these classes and at the same time follow through
    With drawings
    Thank you so much

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