25 Days to Better Drawings – Day One – Mindset and Materials

25 Days to Better Drawings: Mindset and Materials

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25 Days to Better Drawings – Day One – Mindset and Materials — 51 Comments

  1. Day one was a disaster. I tried and tried to use photo reference with no success. Folds would not work for me and the cap was impossible even when I tried to just look for basic shape.

  2. I tried the reference picture. I am in general quite unsatusfied with what I am drawing. The basic shapes worked out well but the highlights and shadows were super difficult. At least my drawing is recognizable as tube. Hope to get better and see results after 25 days

  3. Thanks for providing an awesome reference photo. It was more challenging than I expected. I set a timer for just over an hour so that I can see if my ability and speed increase by the end of the course. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. I think I rework sections more than necessary. The half of the tube I finished looks somewhat crinkled. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for all the courses. I have learned so much.

    • Brandy, I know how you feel about being a perfectionist. I keep telling myself to simply get better than I did yesterday, not aim for perfection. That usually helps me move forward.

  4. I found this a very challenging drawing to do, and I couldn’t complete it in the hour. I am struggling with the tonal values and proportions. Trying to figure out the shading and then the placement of the lettering! Wow, very overwhelming. But I am here to learn so I will press on!

  5. I’m a little shocked. When I first saw the image, I felt impatient with all the detail. How in the world will I get that onto the page! But then once I got started and settled down, I really enjoyed gazing at the image and linking up my hand with my eyes. It was very calming. And what do you know, but the final result is recognizable — much better than I thought I could do! Don’t get me wrong, it’s primitive, but my expectations were pretty low. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Just finished Day 1. Drew from a photo I took at the Taos Pueblo last October. I’m left handed so the graphite smears. What can I put under my hand that won’t affect the graphite? May try a kleenex.

    • I usually use a sheet of layout paper. Itโ€™s not so much a cases of handed ness though, as simply a consequence of resting your hand on the paper – right handlers often have the same issue.

  7. Hello. This is a very small town. No art supply stores here. Where ONLINE can i purchase the Gray and Black page sketchbooks please, inexpensively? thanks

  8. Well that was a humbling experience! I can draw, but Iโ€™m rusty and I do have difficulty with seeing values, let alone drawing them accurately. Itโ€™s made me think I need to go and review some basics before I try improving, but weโ€™ll see how I get on tomorrow.

  9. Hi Matt,
    I thoropughly enjoyed the course.
    What should I do next ?
    I want to continue with pencil drawing for now..maybe ink..but not yet colour

  10. day 1 was not horrible like I thought it would be but not all that great either. I put it aside because I am a perfectionist and it was holding me back from just doing my best so I can compare when done. I have a lot to learn but that’s what I’m here for

  11. Okay, for a “small slightly complex object” – I chose your photo reference, the scrunched paint tube. The overall shape was fun, but the shading – frustratingly challenging! How do you get shiny white out of graphite??

    • Hi Gretchen,

      No pressure here. This is just to establish a starting point. ๐Ÿ™‚ The light highlights on the paint tube should be created by allowing white of the paper to show through in areas. Is this what you are asking?

  12. I also did the drawing of the Tube (Photo reference). That was really challenging. I left out the writing, as that would have eben really distracting. But I really liked. Canโ€˜t wait to move on and look back in 25 days.

  13. good learning experience overall, spotting the values for folds and shadows. I struggled a bit with angles and letter size for the print on the tube. So the tube looks ok but the print on it is unfinished for me after an hour.

  14. Hi, I’ve been attempting to learn how to draw for 2 years. I still can barely manage a stick figure. I get SO down on myself and fear that this desire to draw has revealed a major learning disability. I seem incapable of drawing anything no matter what online courses I take. There is something missing for me – my brain doesn’t get something about drawing.

    I’m here giving this drawing thing one last shot. I’m hoping with Matt’s consistent instruction (what a wonderful creation!!) I’ll maybe be able to get some of the information into my brain. (I don’t hold out much hope, tho).

    I attempted the tube of paint – I just don’t “see”. Many here wrote they set a timer to limit them to an hour. I couldn’t think of what else to do after 10 minutes, hahaha.

  15. I learned a lot about what I was doing wrong as I went along. I gave little or no thought as to how I was going to accomplish this,in regard to drawing,size,shading, etc. Looking at the end I recognized how I should have planned ahead.

  16. Day 1 was a challenge for me because of the time limit. Are all lessons timed? Sorry to present this unfinished and hurried example. I did not realize I could send copies and correspond with you. Catching on slowly but surely.

  17. Day 1 I really enjoyed it. What I enjoyed the most was how we can save our art as we move on but are not allowed to look at it as we improve so that when we finish we can go back to it and see how we have improved as we move on.

  18. Day 1 I hope no-one sees my paint tube. Pretty frustrating to see how much training and practice I am going to need. Trying to hang on to what you said at the beginning of the video. I can do this…eventually.

  19. The only thing I don’t have on the materials list is the white charcoal pencil. Can I use a white pastel pencil instead, or even white chalk pastels? I have both lurking in my massive unused art supply pile (which I’m hoping won’t remain unused once I’ve watched all your courses!)

  20. Pat Pilipuf. I just finished lesson 1. I think this going to help me draw better. I see you have booklets available but I dont know how to open them

  21. I just finished lesson 1. I think this going to help me draw better. I see you have booklets available but I dont know how to open them. I am working on an IPad

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