The Guide to Graphite – Graphite Grades and Sharpening

The Guide to Graphite: Graphite Grades and Sharpening

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The Guide to Graphite – Graphite Grades and Sharpening — 11 Comments

    • Hi Nefertiti,

      The site is mobile enabled and would function exactly the same if it were turned into an app, therefore there’s not really a reason to do so.

    • Hi Lisa,
      To download the videos, click on the download video link in the information box under the video. On the next page, look for the small arrow pointing downward in the upper right corner. Click on the arrow to reveal all of the download options. Then choose the file size that you would like to download.

    • Hi Gigi,

      I’ll be glad to help. The video is playing normally. Can you describe the issue that you’re having specifically? Are you receiving an error message or is the video taking a long time to load for you?

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