The Guide to Graphite: Portrait Drawing - Part 2

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Lesson Discussion

  1. These are wonderful lessons and I greatly appreciate them. I am going to start working on each of the modules in this guide today and I know your instructions will make it possible to have some satisfactory success. (I am an amateur who wants to be able to draw as a hobby and for my own enjoyment.) Thank you for your great teaching!!!

  2. Hello Tutor, what app can I use to scale photos or pictures on a laptop, just like the one used on this video.
    And is there a way we can upload our works for you to assess and make corrections if need ?

  3. Lately, all I’ve getting is a circle going around & around in the middle screen.
    Is this happening to anyone else?
    I have very good internet connection.

    • Hi Wayne,
      The videos are playing normally. Even with a good internet connection, you may experience slower load times due to increased internet usage in your area or throttling by your internet service provider.

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