The Guide to Graphite: Mtting and Framing / Conclusion

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Thank you, Matt, for such an enjoyable and instructional course! It was fun! It was instructional! And my drawing skills continue to grow! Even my sketching has improved dramatically! “Practicing” is so much more fun when you have the basics taught to you. Thanks again.

  2. Matt, your courses are invaluable. Thank you. I’m interested in framing my colored pencil drawing, and after seeing your video, I’m thinking of doing it myself. The frame shop had archival-quality matting, museum quality glass, etc., and spoke about ensuring that the artwork is a certain distance from the frame. I would definitely like to protect my work, but is all that necessary? If I do it myself, should the supplies I buy – the matting and the tape, for instance – be acid free, etc? Do I need to worry about the regular art store frame glass? Thank you!

  3. I am in love with the Vitual Instructor courses although I took the quiz it was only after just viewing and listening to each of the Drawing With Graphite Pencil I will go back and not just view them but also pratice. I was getting a feel as to how the courses suitted me

    Thank you Matt for being the insturctor.


  4. There are some frame shops that have workshop space where you can assemble your own frame, but they do the measuring and cutting. It’s a nice compromise. For those near Boston, the Framers Workshop in Brookline is excellent.

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