The Guide to Graphite: Texture Study 3 - Part 1

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Lesson Description

How to create the illusion of texture in a graphite drawing and the factors that most contribute to success. A highly reflective surface that features a variety of textures is explored. The third of three subjects is explored in this module. In this series we create a drawing of a motorcycle with a shiny metal surface. (Part 1)

Lesson Materials

White Stonehenge paper, H, 4B, and General's Layout graphite pencils, kneaded and vinyl erasers, and a ruler.

Lesson Resources

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Reference Image with Grid

Reference Image without Grid

Lesson Discussion

  1. Hi Mark, you list a General’s layout pencil in the supplies. Is there a specific size or grade of pencil? Enjoying the courses by the way. So glad I took the plunge!

  2. I appreciate the videos and ability to download the e-books. I’d like the opportunity to download the reference photos. Any chance you can make these available for download?

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