The Guide to Graphite: Portrait Drawing - Part 1

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Matt, I thought this course also included a study using a dog portrait. I can’t find it. It’s one of the main reasons I purchased the course and to get a review if the various areas discussed as I have had courses in all before. I’m most interested in a detailed study on dog portrait, particularly drawing the for. I’m pretty good with eyes, nose and mouth, but really struggling with fur. Thanks. I like your lesson style and teaching!

  2. Hey Matt! Great lesson. Have you tried to camera Lucinda for accurate proportions and to get started on a drawing? I’m curious about it as I’ve seen ads for them. Advantages/disadvantages for them? Completely different for getting proportions and lines right?

    • Hi Travis,

      I haven’t tried it so I can’t really give you pros and cons. I have used a projector on a wall before and this worked great, but you have to look out for distortion.

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