The Guide to Graphite – Powdered Graphite

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Description: Learn how to make and use powdered graphite in a drawing. Powdered graphite is used to create an underpainting and to soften the appearance of the drawing.

Suggested Materials: Bristol paper (smooth surface), H graphite pencil, 2B graphite pencil, powdered graphite, eraser pencil, kneaded eraser, vinyl eraser, and nylon brushes.



The Guide to Graphite – Powdered Graphite — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Matt, I’m about halfway through this course and so eager to do this module. I wish one day to be half as good artist as you are. I’m 57 years old and I just discover this year what a passion drawing and painting is for me. Can’t get enough.

    • Hi Lyne,
      My sentiments exactly, and I’m 68. He’s so right about that graphite going everywhere! Even when you open the bottle very carefullly, as I did. A little black cloud arose from the jar.

  2. Hi Matt, is it okay to use powdered graphite from the hardware store that comes in a squirt bottle that allows a person to dispense it into a keyhole to loosen locks? I think it might be the same stuff. Not sure.

  3. I might try the sandpaper method too but is there any specific coarseness of sandpaper required? Like extra fine, fine, medium or coarse texture?

  4. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your great tutorials! Could you tell me what the difference would be between using the graphite powder or a soft charcoal pencil to do the rough sketch?

    • Hi Valerie,

      Graphite powder is really better suited for toning areas. You cannot create a line with it, since it is a powder. A charcoal pencil has compressed charcoal material encased within a wooden shaft. It is a different material than that of graphite. It is much darker.

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