Lesson Discussion

  1. I am excited in this course. I love graphite 😊. Is there Still life in this course ? You didn’t mention it in the content list.
    Wishing lot of health and happiness !

  2. When a kid in elementary school I got knocked into a wall and my leg was impaled with a lead pencil. It broke off in my leg. I was quite scared as we all knew that lead was dangerous. That is when I learned about graphite!! I know that graphite is lightfast as the distinct grey circle still rests below the surface of my skin 🙂 You could say that graphite has been a part of my life for a long time. I am looking forward to this course. Like coming full circle…so to speak 🙂

  3. Just discovered this course. Started with acrylics,then moved to colored pencil and fell in love with graphite. Never started any drawing until I turned 70! Thank you Matt I finally discovered my talent.

  4. My brother actually stabbed me in the hand with a pencil and now I have a permanent grey circle on my hand, lol😆 I thought that I would die from led poisoning. But, that was two years ago, lol.

  5. Finally I’m back Matt to do another course, ive just a couple modules left in pen & ink which I really enjoyed.
    And then start this one 😁😁😁😁

  6. Just to say also, I had to come away from my lessons and courses for most of this year because I’ve not been very well, I did manage to complete 3 drawings, 2 up from last year.
    I know you know about my long term illness a d disability.
    I was diagnosed with a new long term condition, number3. This time it’s my lungs. I do have asthma and this new one is a complication of long-standing asthma.

    I’m now on the right medication now, ive had a nasty virus,I’m feeling better now so hopefully no more for rest of winter and back on board with courses and live lessons

  7. Is there a way of downloading all the e-books from one curriculum all at one time . I’m more of the reader than the video . Thank you for your help

    • Hi Rupert,

      No, unfortunately not. The ebooks are designed to correlate with each video so they are included on the lesson pages for that specific video lesson.

  8. I’m unable to get any stonehenge paper. Is there a comparative paper I could buy, instead of stonehenge?

    I’m unsure about some of the papers, as we don’t use lbs in Australia, we use gsm as the weight. 80lbs and 140lbs for example – I don’t know what the equivalent is in gsm.

    I’m also unable to get powdered graphite + mop brush. Hopefully I’ll be able to source it from somewhere before that part of the course.

    When you say “coloured graphite”, is this the same as normal coloured pencils? If not, I’m unable to get that either.

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