Timed Drawing Exercise – Row Boat – Gettin’ Sketchy Live

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Gettin Sketchy – Row Boat Drawing – Season 2 Episode 1

This episode aired live on YouTube on August 19, 2020.

In this episode, we take a quick look at Steadtler Pigment Liner drawing pens and Ashley creates a sketch of a row boat on water with graphite on drawing paper in a 45 minute timed drawing exercise.

Art Product Recommendation

The featured art product for this episode are Steadtler Pigment Liner drawing pens. These pens keep a strong tip for a longer period of time with plenty of ink to last for many drawings. The functional packaging and the higher quality sets them apart from other disposable drawing pens on the market.

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Drawing a Row Boat with Graphite – 45 Minute Timed Drawing

In this episode’s timed drawing challenge, Ashley creates a sketch of a row boat with graphite within 45 minutes.

Here’s a look at the completed drawing…

Pencil sketch of a Row Boat

Materials for this Drawing

The materials used for this exercise are very simple. All that is required is standard drawing paper (a sketchbook is fine) and a few graphite pencils of various softness. A kneaded eraser or a rubber eraser is also helpful to have within reach.

More resources to explore…

Photo Reference

A photo reference was used to complete the drawing. This reference comes from Pixabay.com and has been altered by removing the color in Photoshop. Removing the color leaves only the values, making observation a little easier.

Here’s a look at the photo reference…

Row Boat Photo Reference

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The Benefits of Sketching

Sketching is usually a quick process of drawing loosely while simplifying details. When creating a more refined drawing, an artist may work much slower and control the medium to a higher degree.

However, sketching flexes the same mental muscles that we would use if we were to create a longer, more refined drawing. Sketching is essentially a form of practice that improves the artist’s observation skills which carries over when creating longer drawings.

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Sketching, of course, is also beneficial in planning out your composition or preparing for a more refined drawing or painting. It is our belief that sketching from observation daily is one of the fastest and most effective ways of improving your drawing skills.

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