25 Days to Better Drawings – Day Two – Drawing with Lines — 20 Comments

  1. Day 2 very interesting. I did not understand in exercise #4 why you had to keep your pencil down the entire time?
    I see how I have a whole lot to learn. 😀

    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks! These lessons are new, but the concepts of drawing remain the same. Some of the information from this course you may have also seen in other courses.

  2. Having problems with lesson 2 …. can’t get past the one and a half minutes…. just a black screen with a white circle spinning!

    • Hi Jo-Ann, The video is playing normally. It sounds like the video is buffering for you. This occurs when your internet connection is weak or your connection is inconsistent. You may try changing the video quality by scrolling over the video and clicking on the gear icon. Try playing the video at a lower resolution.

  3. Hilarious! I drew a sledge hammer >.< – Struggled with the continuous line drawing as I was drawing each item continuously :/ I needed to watch what the words actually meant. So I will attempt them again as suggested but drawing the form without taking my pencil off the paper. I think some of the struggle is that it does go against everything I thought I knew about drawing lines! So point to me for learning something new today 😀 Thank you very much for putting this course together. It works perfectly with two others I am currently observing.

  4. I love this course! But I would also be VERY exited if there would be a course like this i watercolour! I believe that there is not very much here on that subject….

  5. darn it I am having trouble with number 4 and not picking up my pencil while continuing the line. I am also having a hard time staring at the drawing and the paper because I want to stare at the paper more. I still have a lot to learn

  6. Dear Matt, I am very happy with the two lesson here, and I did the exercises, but I have a problem keeping the pencil on the paper because I’m left-handed, and the things sometimes are better from left to right. Please, give me an advice.

    • Hi Annette,

      This exercise is equally challenging if you are left-handed or right-handed. If the paper is moving or if it is difficult to make marks, you may try taping the paper to the surface that your working on. This may make it a little easier.

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