25 Days to Better Drawings – Day Sixteen – One Point Perspective

25 Days to Better Drawings: One Point Perspective

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25 Days to Better Drawings – Day Sixteen – One Point Perspective — 8 Comments

  1. I have improved so much through the modules in 25 Days to Better Drawings, by following the guidelines put forward in each lesson, they all have proven valuable for me thank you Matt.

  2. That was super challenging yet so enjoyable, perspective has always been a difficult area for me ! You have really shown me that it is quite simple when you know how !
    I am so pleased I managed to do the street scene . Great lesson many thanks.

  3. These drawing lessons have completely changed my perspective on drawing (pun intended). I have appreciated the graduated approach to the subject matter and the careful construction of each lesson. Thanks for bringing clarity the subject. Cheers,

  4. This lesson seemed easy at first and I liked the preciseness of it. However, it became more difficult as more details were added and the lesson progressed. That said I did like this lesson and every previous lesson. I am learning a lot. Thank you

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