The Secrets to Drawing – The Ear

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Drawing the ear

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"The Secrets to Drawing" is the most complete online drawing video course available for learning how to draw.  Drawing is a skill that is learned and developed and this video course is designed to give you the knowledge that you need to draw better almost immediately! The course includes 28 modules and 26 ebooks.


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Description: A look at drawing the human ear with graphite.

Suggested Materials: Graphite, white drawing paper, photo reference

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Every demo above is included (and more not pictured.)


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The Secrets to Drawing – The Ear — 4 Comments

  1. Well done. Matt, you have given me the obsession of value as well! Lol. A full range of value is really what makes a photo look ‘correct’. And you demonstrate this in your videos perfect.

  2. hi matt,

    i really like your patient and detailed instruction. i am practicing by copying faces in various paintings. right now i am working on el greco and velazquez. i am having some trouble reproducing head angles, and expressions. do you have any suggestions for further study or tips regarding more accurate representations? thanks.

  3. I’m really starting to get the hang of values. I just drew my first “ear”. It came out pretty well for a first attempt. Thank you for these classes. I’m having a great time!

  4. I’ve done my ear and it’s not bad for my 1st go, same with eyes,nose and mouth, they turned out pretty good considering my 1st go 🙂I think it goes to show how great your teachings are , especially we get a video & Ebooks to go with the, up next the hair then I’ve completed the secrets to drawing course, it’s been brilliant and I’ve learnt such a lot thank you Matt, up next is portrait drawing the smart way 🙂🙂🙂really looking forward to start my 2nd course
    Cheers Matt 🙂 Hope you and your family are well tc x

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