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  1. I really liked how you mentioned, there’s no real right way to draw this. I agree because everyone is so different when it comes to proportions, and also everybody does draw differently too. Also liked how you’ve mentioned that proportions are important, but nothing can beat drawing what you truly see. I’m learning so much!!

  2. These lessons what I’m coming to the end of secrets to drawing course are great and it will lead me straight into your portrait course which I’m excited to start as I’ve enjoyed learning about the facial features and how to make them very realistic.
    As I was doing the lips I was thinking god these are hard to do the cross contours but as I’ve worked on it then took a step back in realised that I was doing better than I thought !!!!! My lips do look realistic as does the nose and eye before that 🙂.
    Ears & hair next then I’ve completed one course apart from doing the pastels and oil pastels lesson, I want to do pastels at a later time so I’m leaving these out as I wanted to get cracking on the face, I intend to do pastel landscapes and also coloured pencil course next , I e successfully completed secrets and I’ve seen such an improvement, of course I still have to practice sone of the stuff and I’ve got plenty of projects as well to do this.
    Been a great course as I know far more now than I did before, I did a drawing of Morrissey before I saw your site and started the course, I looked at it the other day and the shading is atrocious lol but hey you always say keep older artwork and you right it’s great to see how far you have come, I would recommend this drawing course to anyone starting out if they want to improve as artists.
    Cheers Matt x

  3. Hi Matt, thanks for the video. I have a huge doubt… Once I heard that in order to bring things closer or backwards, we should look at the value of the background. If the background was light, then if we used a light value, things would go back to our view, instead of coming closer, or protruding. And if I wanted to bring something closer in a light background, we should assign it a darker value… This would be exactly the opposite of your rule, which I have always heard of like that, that lighter values protrude and darker ones recede. Thank you. Kind regards,

    • Hi Veronica,
      Sorry I’m a little late on this one. What you’re saying is true for landscapes and scenes that have atmosphere. We see greater contrast in value when objects are closer to us and less contrast when they are farther away. What I am referring to is the behavior of light when it is above the subject. When light comes down on the subject, objects (like the nose) that protrude will “catch” the light. This creates a lighter value on the top (where the nose protrudes) and a darker value underneath (where the nose recedes). So, in essence, if the light is coming from above, features of the face that protrude are lighter on the top. Where the nose recedes back towards the face, the value is darker.

  4. Hi! Matt, I am an artist but didn’t know how to draw realistic items. However, with the introduction to the Secret of drawing has opened my eyes to new techniques. I really enjoyed the color pencil and facial parts. Nevertheless, I found this first course very informative. I look forward to more in depth lessons. This is amazing I am so excited to learn more.

    Wanonieca Haynes

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