Lesson Discussion

  1. I liked your listing of what we are going to do and where we will go. I love water colour and i want to be able to draw to substantiate my painting. So far thank you. Eroia

  2. Looking forward to beginning this course. Have always wanted to draw, took some lessons, but the classes usually lean more towards painting. I want to learn to draw before I do any painting.

  3. i am too looking forward to begin this course, i just subscribed, and i am starting right away.
    i got plenty of time each day, so i hope to be a better drawing artist than i’m allready am (lol, i’m 41 and just started out drawing hahaha), but i’m never too old to learn (ehhhmm i think πŸ™‚ ), ok enough talk, me is gonna start, thanks for the introduction ,bye !

  4. I just signed up and am looking forward to refreshing and improving my drawing skills. I have had a few classes, but without a lot of instruction in the basics. I am excited by what is being presented so far. My goal is to work with pastels as well as graphite and ink. By the way, Merry Christmas to all! This is my Christmas present to me :0)

  5. I am new member with mediocre art skills..I am excited about these courses and I hope to improved my art skills…It would be nice if we could get some of our art critiqued though…

  6. Matt, You are an awesome teacher! I have been seeking good instruction in watercolor and drawing for 5-6 yrs. now. This is the best I have seen. Thank you so much for making this possible at a reasonable price.

  7. Matt I’ve been painting a little while and I am going to be a very good artist someday! I hope sooner than I think. I started painting after my oldest sister passed away at 47 and left me all of her art supplies. I am hung up already! I too am an older lady and retired now and would love to do nothing but learn everything there is to learn about painting, drawing, etc. I am ready! lets get to work. lol

    • I have found that we still have to practice everyday or we will be a long time getting things the way we want. I practice a couple hours a day.but be careful I have arthritis and it flares up if I don’t hold my pencil or paint brush the correct way.

  8. Hi Matt! thank you for your tutorial classes also for finding you.My hope for learning to draw and paint started way back in 2004 in a community house class with a tutor that didn’t help me at all and have been trying to find a teacher ever since. Now Im so looking forward to learning the proper way, your way. Again thank you Matt, see you in class, Geranium.

  9. All my life I have had a yearning to be able to draw and paint. Now at the age of 57 I finally get the chance to learn. I am so looking forward to this course and will definitely give it my all. Very excited to get going.
    Thank you for the incredibly reasonable cost for so much wonderful information. You will be blessed Matt.

  10. Hi Matt, thank you for these resourses. I tryed to download a video but I couldnΒ΄t the download button dosenΒ΄t make any function. πŸ™

    • Hi Tatiana,

      Depending on the size of the screen of your computer, you may have to scroll down a bit after clicking on the “Download/clip info” button to see the download options.

  11. Hi Matt.
    It was my birthday yesterday and my darling sister kindly paid for my full membership to your site! I have got lots of materials, having collected them for well over a year already and all I need now is to follow a course tutored by a wonderful, knowledgeable artist and teacher – that’ll be you Matt! I’ve been talking about wanting to subscribe to thevirtualinstructor.com for months and I am finally here! Yay!

  12. I have recently signed up and amazed by the quantity of tuition available – hooked already! However, I am about to go travelling in my campervan and need to download to a portable device but can’t find where to get advice on that, so please forgive me asking here. I have an ipad ( with very little storage free) and plan to get a hudl2, which has slot for micro SD for extra storage, also a mini USB slot. Will I be able to download videos to take on my travels?
    I love this so much and will have the luxury of time to devote to improving my art, so am desperate to take it with me, so if anyone out there can advise I would be sooooooo grateful.
    Thanks, Barbara

    • Hi Barbara and thanks for your comments! You’ll need to download the videos that you wish to take to your computer first and then import them to your iPad through iTunes. Just do a google search on syncing your iPad with videos on your computer and you’ll find directions on how to accomplish this.

  13. The best art instruction site on the Internet and very affordable and has what I Wanted to learn!!!!
    Thank you Matt for all your hard work you do on here, it’s very much appreciated πŸ™‚

  14. Hello Matt and fellow members, I’ve just joined the site and I’m pretty excited about this experience. I never took Art lessons but I was always attracted to pencil drawings. I drew 2 portraits (Harry Potter and Hermione Granger) but as I started on my 3rd one a few days ago (Ronald Weasley!), I realized that I’d like to learn more about techniques, tools and material, etc… to help me get better. And I believe I found the perfect teacher: Matt! Would it be possible for us to have a list of suggested pencils to start with along with other tools such as blending tools, kneaded erasers, mechanical pencils, etc? Thank you! Regards, Alohomora πŸ™‚

  15. I’m really looking forward to taking this course and strengthening my skills. Currently my artistic passions including clay sculptures and computer programs such as Blender3D, Gimp, Krita and Inkscape. I feel that learning to draw more efficiently will relate to better creations in my other projects. If nothing else, it will help my base sketches. Thank you.

  16. Hi, Matt! I am so excited to join your online community. I’ve watched several of your videos in the past, and I can honestly say I’ve learned more from them than from any other art resource I’ve checked out. It’s incredible to see the progress I’ve made, and I’m looking forward to learning so much more. Thank you for creating this wonderful program for aspiring artists like me.

  17. I very much appreciate this opportunity. I know I have art ability, I just hope I will be able to free up my time and follow through. I am getting older and really wish I could pursue art when I get to 65 years old and older. That would be a dream come true. Thanks a lot.

  18. I am starting this drawing class today! I can draw already, but so far only from photos. I’d like to learn how to draw whatever I want, without needing to copy a photo all the time. So much here to look at! I’m ready to start!

  19. Hi Mr. Matt, english is my second language, I can’t understand what you’re saying because of my bad listening ability, could you add some subtitles to your videos? I really love to buy a course but I’am afraid I can’t listen but see

  20. Hi have just joined today hoping that I will get my head around the concept of becoming a good drawer got o level art 48 yrs ago would not believe it if you saw my pics now creative but not in drawing hope it changes my world πŸ™‚

  21. Hi Matt …. Thanks for speaking with me the other day on the phone. I just joined yesterday, and I am looking forward to a great learning experience. Thanks again for making a professional drawing instruction program available for such a great price!

  22. I retired in 2006 after 34 years of teaching art at a middle/high school. I taught basic and advanced drawing for years. I have been asked to teach drawing at the Institute for Learning in Retirement. It is a volunteer position. Many public school teachers and university professors share their talents and knowledge. The gifts I have were given to me by God and they should not be waisted through laziness. I am looking forward to your program as a refresher to help me make my presentations even better. I believe we never stop learning. Even in retirement!

  23. Hello Matt and fellow artists!

    I’m Paul from England. I joined this great learning site yesterday. I have always been artistically inclined and done some drawings and paintings but have never had any proper formal training. I’m hoping the course will encourage me to explore my creative leanings more and inspire me to have a go at developing my own style in painting. I’m sure it will! This is a very comprehensive course and fantastic value compared to doing an art course via college or paying for lessons with a 1 on 1 tutor by the hour. I specifically wanted to learn from an artist and professionally trained teacher like yourself Matt. I’m delighted to have this opportunity. Thank you for making this available at such an affordable price for all!

  24. …and, re-connected with who I know to be an amazing teacher. I originally joined virtual instructor over a year ago, and then just left it. And! I’d not realised I paid by direct debit, so am still a Virtual Member of VI. And am I so glad. I now so look forward to first my baby steps, and then, who knows where. A wonderful website. Thank you so much Matt

  25. Hello
    Please help, I am a new member, I am trying to play the video for the secrest to drawing and I can not get them to play or download. What am I doing wrong. Please help

      • Still not working. I have tried the different video quality settings. I downloaded Firefox on hoping maybe it was Edge and or Chrome. My speed at the time is around 35 megs down tested this morning. I have gone to the Vimeo website and tried 15 random videos all which played perfectly on HD the first time.

        Not sure the videos are working as intended, at least for myself and maybe others?

        • Hi Michael,
          The videos appear to be working normally on my end and I cannot replicate the issue. Just curious, are any of the videos from other courses working for you? Or is it just this series?

          • Actually scrolling around and trying different ones some are working and some aren’t. For sure this one and the next video in this course are not. I used Chrome inspect to view if any errors are kicking back and they are. On this video, for me, there are errors in chrome pulling and playing which if you like I can send a screen shot to you or someone, would just need and email address. It is kicking back with 4 errors in total with an empty response (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE).

            One that did work after you asked that I try a few others is the Lines video under Fundamentals. When I played that with Chrome inspect on it pulled zero errors and loaded and played in less than a second. I guess its no big deal as I will upgrade and see about the download videos as I want to watch the course and follow along. If there are any issues with that I will let you know.

          • Thanks for that Michael. This sounds like it is an issue with your ISP’s connectivity or network configuration. They (your ISP) may be having issues with their DNS cache or your firewall or virus protection software could be causing the issue.

  26. Hi Matt I have become hooked and find that your lessons are easy to follow . I will take one step at a time and work through the videos and one of your comments is that you must practice regularly. I will most definitely be in touch. Thank you, thank you. Wendy

    • Hi Ricky,

      If you want to upgrade to full membership after you have purchased a single course, the price is already discounted. This is why it is $68 instead of the regular price of $97. It gives you access to all of the courses, Live Lessons, etc.

  27. Hi Matt,
    will you be making a video of drawing the human face without a grid line?
    love the videos! my favorite is the ” eye frontal view”.

  28. Looking forward to the whole experience of “The Virtual Instructor”. Was interested in drawing and art many years ago but lost touch with it. Looking to reacquaint myself. I am so glad I found this site and am thankful that you have chosen to help others in this way. I am sure I am in for an exciting ride!

  29. Hi Matt, I am up to module 10 in the secrets to drawing course and am thoroughly enjoying it.I have learned so much already. Thankyou for a great course at an affordable price. I love your method of teaching and your voice is very soothing to listen to.

  30. I just became a member and I am not able to open the video. message pops up to try again later. I waited and tried again but I get the same message.

  31. Hi Matt —- I am back again after almost a year ….. Been dealing with some medical problems with my wife. I am looking forward to a good review and seeing how much I remember. As always, thanks for your great instructions.

  32. Hi Matt!
    I am so excited..I have wanted to take your courses for so long now and today decided, that this is the day. When I called your phone number it was you who answered! How exciting and you were so patient and kind and answered my questions and now here I am…ready and eager to learn so much from you! What a great day it is to be me today!! ;o)

  33. Hey
    I’m new here
    I would love to draw manga in future
    But I want to learn anything because i don’t have nothing to do with my spare time :/

  34. Hello Matt

    I’m new and I like your lessons very much. I am currently studying facial proportions sections.
    I skipped color for now – finished all previous graphite sections. I am assuming that I understand learning material and my training sketches are Ok more or less. But what if I’m advansing too fast? Are there some guidelines – for example, draw an eye 10 , or 15 times? Or draw 10 different still life sketches? What is creteria for advancing? Is there “home work” plan?

    Thanks in advance )


    • Hi Steve,
      The videos are currently streaming normally. You may be experiencing some buffering. Please check and make sure that you are connected with a stable internet connection. If you are attempting to download the video, please be aware that download options are unlocked after your trial.

  35. How do I access the ebooks? I dont see any tab. i thought I couldnt view it on my phone, but its the same case on the desktop version as well. Please help?

    • Hi Sruti,

      The first ebook for this course starts with the next module. (This is the introduction.) You’ll find the ebooks below the video next to the description box.

  36. Hello,

    I’m Judy, I just signed on myself, I am looking forward to these courses. I am 54 and just found out I can draw, and I’m pretty darn good at it. So much for self awareness. It’s kind of neat still discovering things such as this about myself. I’ve always been artsy crafts, but this is at a whole other level, and I love it.

  37. This course looks fantastic already! I’m a 22 year old student, finally taking the plunge to get back into art. I’ve wanted to do so for years, but drifted away while still at an entirely novice level, so I’m hoping (and feel confident!) that this will help me find my feet and finally improve with my art endeavors.
    Thank you for making this and I look forward to many hours, and perhaps years, of art lessons!

    • Hi Penny,

      The ebooks for this course start with Module 2. Just scroll down the page and you’ll see the link to download. There is no ebook for the introduction module.

  38. The modules look fantastic…which is why I signed up πŸ™‚
    My lecturer in graphic design recommended I look up your website, I did, and you are a great motivator, so hear I am πŸ™‚

  39. Matt, I have finally become a member after months of just subscribing(which taught me a great deal.) I want to give you a special thank you for the Welcome Members tour of the site. Every other site that I have used just assumes that anyone who is using a computer to view their site must already “know” the basics for maneuvering said site. You did not assume…the sign of a “master” teacher!! I am a 75 year old retired elementary teacher, and I am not as adept with computers as many of the younger users. You have eliminated much of my confusion with your tour. I know that I will learn a great deal from this wonderful site. Thank you for making your knowledge so affordable and thorough.

  40. I have been drawing for years and have done a little painting. I’m looking to brush up and improve my skills before I start really delving into painting. Looking forward to learning new things

  41. Thank you so much for making these classes available and affordable. I have some experience from long ago but, of course, life happened – children and working. I am now retired with lots of grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. I am looking forward to everything I can learn from you. I’m having a ball already! Again thank you. I would not have been able to afford these classes without you!

  42. Hi,
    I am new to your virtual classroom and am looking forward to “reviving” and improving some old learned skills. I took a course years ago (while in my teens) and did not have the “stick-tuitiveness” necessary to be successful. Now that I am retired, I am hopeful that I will have both the time and mental maturity to commit and take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
    Thank you Matt for offering your knowledge and guidance at an affordable price to those of us wanting to learn!

  43. I am so impressed w/your organizational skills, Matt, as they relate to the lessons. So easy to follow/understand. And, of course, I see that your art is truly awesome. Can’t wait to get started. Have loved art my entire life but have never come across such a fine instructor. You’re truly a “find”.

  44. I am SO happy that I stumbled across your website, Matt! I am interested in learning pop/lowbrow art techniques and then I noticed your site when it came up in my Google search. Considering that I have absolutely zero experience in art at all, I figured your site will help me immensely. I am very impressed with what I see so far, so much so that I cancelled my trial and signed-up for a year! What an absolute bargain, even with the Canadian exchange rate! The ebooks are such high quality as well. You have a goldmine here, Matt…thank you for creating it! πŸ™‚

  45. Matt- I can’t find the supplies that you recommend buying from Amazon. I’m a complete beginner but I’d like to buy something from yur ‘recommended’ list. Could you email me?

    • Hi Sandra,

      You are still in the trial period. Download links are available after you’re out of the trial. If you scroll just a little further up this page, you should see a message that explains this with a link to skip the rest of the trial period if you’re wanting to download videos right away.

  46. Hi !
    Just joind in 😁
    I did in my secondary school 1year of art, that was a way ago.
    Do painting oil
    And now need to refresh averyting back again.

    I like very much your approach and your kindness to not over ask money for everything you give.

    So, i would like to thank you, juts to be and to give.
    I know i will enjoy every bit of your lessons.

    By the way, i’m french
    So please, i’m so sorry for traduction and the way i express my self.

    Have a good day

  47. I’ve been a member of this course, paid money each and every month, and not done a thing. But, I now begin. Stirred on by my daughter doing a photography course, I’ve longed to draw/paint/ for an age. I love the way Matt does the Video’s, and I’m now longing to get started. So a big order on Amazon just now, and ready to begin. Can’t wait for my first masterpiece!

  48. Hi, I’ve been trying to paint along on youtube with no concept of drawing or proportion or value. I think it’s essential to know how to draw before you move on to painting so I’m very happy to have signed ups for this course. Definitely looking forward to the acrylic painting module, as well as learning some of the other modalities.

  49. I was told as a child that I was hopeless at drawing and have only recently started to teach myself to draw. I guess I’m one of your older learners at age 71, but this is part of my 20 year retirement plan to take me to 90! Thank you for such comprehensive courses. Looking forward to getting started.

  50. Decided to try drawing again. I took a class in summer school many, many years ago and have been looking for a more step by step class. Took a class at a craft store and was disappointed because it did not go over any real basics. We just jumped in and replicated a picture. Granted I was impressed with my picture but it did not give me any foundation on which to build. I look through this course quickly and printed all of the ebooks. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for creating a class that starts with the basics and moves through the steps.

  51. Hi Matt! Thank you for providing these courses! I have only been successful as an artist in the medium of sculpting and mixed media. I have always wanted to have some lessons on drawing and painting and especially to help out my color understanding so i won’t be so garish when trying to mix colors on a painting palette. This is why I’ve never painted, i never understood color at all, so I stuck to form. Looking forward to this class.I did some watercolor painting from your course, and I learned so much! Excited for this! Thank you

  52. Hi Matt! Thank you for providing these courses! I have only been successful as an artist in the medium of sculpting and mixed media. I have always wanted to have some lessons on drawing and painting and especially to help out my color understanding so i won’t be so garish when trying to mix colors on a painting palette. This is why I’ve never painted, i never understood color at all, so I stuck to form. Looking forward to this class.I did some watercolor painting from your courses, and I think this was backwards, but learned so much! Excited for this drawing course which i think logically makes sense to start first! haha. Thank you

  53. I’ve just joined the trial. I’m 60 and not been able to work due to a car wreck. I have picked up sketching on my own and so far only draw people’s faces. From photos sometimes. But usually from my imagination. I love it! But I definitely need instructions. I’m exited.

  54. Hi Matt
    I’m from London, I have just reached my 60th birthday. I have always wanted to draw and paint for many years now but never got round to it.
    For the last fore months i have been lost in the thousands of you tube drawing and painting videos out there but none of them have been for me, but at last i have found The Virtual Instructor and landed on your door step I’m all signed up and ready to go.

  55. I’m actually going to adult art classes right now every Saturday and think this would be a great way to improve what admittedly small skills I have right now and get feedback from the instructor I go to. So far, looks better than the variety of random unrelated tutorials I’ve been doing.

  56. Though my focus is going to be on graphite and pen/ink, I am starting with this course to review the basic core concepts as well as learn about some of the other mediums in art. Very exciting! I will also be primarily producing art digitally, so I am interested in contrasting the differences as I go.

  57. Could you please help me? The video runs at normal speed, while the audio (your voice) runs super fast, almost chipmunk-like. I’ve never encountered this problem with any other online videos. I even restarted the computer to see if it was the computer being silly, but it’s only your video. Please, can you help? Thankyou

    • I should mention that it’s all of the videos in this course (I am a new member and this is the 1st and only course I’ve looked at so far) that are doing it, not just the intro πŸ™

      • Hi Kerri,

        The videos appear to be playing normally. Have you tried any of the videos on the site? Are they doing the same thing for you? What browser are you using?

  58. Hello Matt and fellow students! My name is Leil (it rhymes with “Gail”).I consider myself a beginner and this is my first day.
    I am looking for the best course that lays a solid foundation for drawing. I prefer an ordered sequence that will properly build upon itself.Since I don’t know what that is in the art world, I have to start by trusting my instincts. This curriculum seems to have that.I am excited to start! Thank you, Matt! And to my fellow and fellow-ette classmates, happy learning!

  59. I am doing both the 25 days to better drawing and this course. Absolutely love both. Why are not materials suggested for this drawing class?
    Thanks a million.

    • Hi Virginia,

      Thanks! There are so many materials used in this course. We use graphite, pen and ink, pastels, oil pastels, charcoal, colored pencils, etc. Instead of devoting a module to the materials, we cover these materials in their own lessons within the course.

  60. Hello all
    I have just found this amazing course and although I would like to begin tonight, I fear if I get started I will be up all night. I am an artist according to my family, friends and clients. I love the creative journey, the medium i most enjoy is charcoal, dry pastel on upcycles wood canvas. I look forward to learning as much as possible, this will be my first art course ever! So thanks for making this so accessible during these strange covid times.
    Stay health and keep creating.
    Thanks Pat

  61. Well since no one has commented yet in 2022 I thought you should at least see that someone is around πŸ˜‰ Looking forward to the journey with you Matt, I have followed you through Udemy and You Tube but now I’m here :). I absolutely love your teaching style and your generosity with your teaching and mentoring. Thank you so much for all you do.

    • Hi Zoie,

      Thanks for your comment. Although no one has commented on the intro video for this course in a while, it is still very active with users. Enjoy the journey.

  62. I’m loving this program. Even though I’m an art teacher with a BFA in Studio art, my practice AND teaching is improving by leaps and bounds. How is it I’m learning so much here more than in University? Thanks!

  63. An excellent course for a beginner. I started taking acrylic paining a couple of months ago. Though I have an excellent instructor, I quickly discovered learning to draw was necessary aid. I deal with realistic nature paintings and a good drawing or sketch of my object(s) a must. Slowly working my way through the lessons, I have learned so much and how much more I have to learn. Thanks Matt

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