Lesson Discussion

  1. Matt, thank you for your clear instruction and examples thoroughly the course.
    You have really been a help to me and I appreciate it. Thank you and I am looking forward to
    All the other courses. Tim

    • Thank u so much i have learned alot and passed the quiz. May go threw it agean just to get better unfortunately i wasnt able to print my certificate somthing happen to my printer

  2. Thank for the resource. I am an art teacher at a high school which has chosen to use only what can be shown on a smartboard for instruction. No other visuals are allowed and nothing on the walls. As a visual instructor this came as a shock, especially as up to this point we have not been allowed technology in the artroom. Your videos and ebooks have saved my life and untold hours of scanning visuals into a slide show.

  3. I have watched the entire course, and cannot recall seeing you rotate your paper/sketchbook once. Was this for the viewer benefit, or do you recommend not rotating your paper? I find myself having a great deal of difficulty if I do not rotate my drawing surface, and was wondering if you could shed some light on this topic. The course was awesome, and well worth watching for your explanations on shading alone. I have always had a great deal of trouble with shading, and you have simplified it for me. Thanks.

  4. Muito obrigado pelo maravilhoso curso.Certamente foi o melhor curso de desenho que eu fiz na minha vida e ac rescentou mais conhecimento que eu já tinha em toda a minha vida.Com certeza seguirei os coselhos da conclusão !!! Mais uma vez te agradeco, Um grande abraço parati amigo Matt. J J Menezes Martins.

  5. Wow Matt, this course, as well as the entire website, the critique, and everything you have to offer have been a blessing! I can’t believe how much I am learning and continue to learn from you and my practicing. Hearing you say that Pain and Frustration are signs of growth is really what I needed to hear because currently with the drawing I am doing, its very discouraging (dog portrait) and I feel I am not doing the best, mainly because I’ve never drawn this before. But I will keep on pushing through and continue to practice! Excellent course! Now the hardest part is deciding what I want next lol. Thanks again Matt.

  6. Thank you Matt, wonderful course, so much information. I am enjoying applying all my new knowledge and it has simplified so many frustrating areas. I now look at everything in terms of shape, form value, well done. Anne

  7. Matt, thanks a lot my friend. This course have change my way of seeing so many media, that I was afraid of discourage to even try it. This course has what is really needed to improve the way we perceive drawing and it is straight to the point, which is really good.

    Thanks a lot!

  8. Thanks Matt! These tutorials have helped me greatly. I just recently got interested in sketching again after seeing a sketch my sister did in high school of my grandfather’s home. I haven’t drawn anything in over 48 yrs. There is one thing I would like to see added to these tutorials that would help me, maybe others also, if you also included a download of the reference pictures you use.

    Again, Thank you a lot!!


  9. Hello Matt, I found your site by accident, and decided to start by learning how to draw …. some of the notions (although extremely basic), I had already discovered … but I did not dare to draw, I believed it was a matter of talent. The amount of information, simple and well structured as you my friend Matt teaches us, gave me the courage to go for it. I saw all the videos, one by one,and now I will go back to the first ….. Familiarizing myself with the scary white sheet. You see,i’m attracted to colors, i just love the color …..You made me realize that different Media when applied each with its own technique is possible! And that with perseverance and patience i can do it!!!
    I realized Media are a discovery to my reach …. and that will be wonderful to paint what “I” draw …… I have no words to thank You…..so simply thank you so much!!! Good bless you.

  10. Hello Matt, I recently sent in my first piece for critique and then began watching all the other critiques. I have no formal training in art and was a bit lost on some of the terms and ideas around composition and the basic components of art. This entire course was immensely helpful and I will likely watch it again and again.

  11. Dear Matt,
    I really enjoyed the course! I learned a lot and feel enthused about trying out the techniques you taught us.
    Question: I am a member and I am wondering which of the other courses I should take next. Any suggestions?
    Be well and take care.

  12. Hey Matt, your material- second to none! I’m so excited and motivated to pursue this art form. I’ve begun with graphite and look forward to other media, but all in good time. Excited to watch the “Pencil Series” unfold, thats where i’m headed next!

    God Speed to you and family,
    Guido Mendoza,
    Miami, FL

  13. Matt. I’m glad to have found your web page and be able to learn from you, I appreciate too much your effort to spread the knowlegde that you have joined through the years . I’m sure I’m coming back for learn more but now as you say is time to practice. Thank you, keep doing this ’cause the world need more artist eyes and reflections of the beauty we’re surrounded. From México Santiago.

  14. What a wonderful course! This course has filled in a lot of gaps for me and improved my drawing skills considerably. I look forward to taking more courses and to continue learning and improving my art skills.

    Thank you,Matt, for putting so much thought into each module and creating such an informative and organized course!

  15. Hi Matt, I just remembered about we now get a certificate afyer each course & passing quiz after it.
    I did secrets and I’m chuffed to get a certificate.

    It’s just nice to get one so thank you for doing that as it makes you proud on what you have achieved.
    Cheers Matt for all you do for us to be better artists.

  16. I really enjoyed the course. I never new I could draw. I still have problems with perspective but I’m working at it. I am going to take this course again. I’ve learned a lot. Thank You

  17. Thank you Matt. This was great. I have very good drawing skills, but I was missing all of the information on how to make a great drawing. I’m surprised at how well I really can draw with more practice. I’m looking forward to learning how to paint. I’m enjoying all of your lessons! Live and otherwise. 😊

  18. Thank you Matt. I really enjoyed this course and I learned a lot. I’m really proud of what I’ve drawn so far and I couldn’t have done it without your guidance. You are a great teacher.

  19. Thank you for this course Matt. You are the best teacher! I’ve always been interested in art but thought it was a talent I had to be born with and couldn’t learn. Finally, thanks to you, at 68 I’m learning! It’s so rewarding to see a drawing come to life on the paper! I got two questions wrong on the quiz but I don’t know which they were. Is there somewhere I can find out so I can learn? Thank you for sharing your knowledge and art and making my life happy and exciting!

  20. Hello Matt, I can’t believe that I am actually starting to draw pictures which are resembling the item I copy. I have learned so much and practicing over and over using the tools from your fabulous course is proving fruitful.
    You have a teaching style which is extremely effective, I wanted to listen, watch, do and just keep going. I’ve said for years I want to learn to draw now a couple of months short of my 54th birthday you have given me my first step on that journey and I am so grateful. Thank you for a fabulous course Matt and I am looking forward to starting another course.

  21. Hi Matt. What you have given to the world of art instruction is indeed phenomenal! I have taken a few art courses in the distant past and what you provide to students in terms of information and your approach to teaching is exceptional. I can see myself becoming an accomplished artist. Thank you.

  22. Hi Matt
    I have been drawing along with your Gettin’ Sketchy videos since 2021 when i first started drawing, so have now decided to become a member of the channel. I have just finished watching this first course. The e-books are good but was a little disappointed in not being able to work along with the videos as there was no opportunity while watching.
    Looking forward to watching the other courses though.

  23. Wow, I really had a hard time with the last lesson. My skills are in need of a great deal of practice. Wish it hadn’t been so hard left feeling disappointed in myself and my abilities.
    Moving on to the next lessons though.

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