Lesson Discussion

  1. matt,
    1. for the suggested materials the photo ref…..do we use our own cause there is no download photo?

  2. Matt, this is such a great explanation as I’ve always looked at hair and thought God how do I do this, I have done one human portrait, a person lol before I knew any of this, I’m a huge fan of Morrissey and my friend who is also a Morrissey fan, asked me if I could do him a portrait, I did him a one but he asked me if I could do a yellow shirt he liked what Morrissey has worn so it ended up a graphite drawing with a coloured shirt, it was a strange thing to me to combine graphite black and white drawing with some colour !!
    But hey he loved it so all good, I did say I’m just learning as I did a Morrissery drawing before that for me and I look back on it now and I just didn’t have a clue about shading etc .
    So great tutorial about hair 🙂👍👍

  3. The reference in the video reminded me of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series… would I be correct (in that you used a pic of her as reference)?

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