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  1. I loved the instructions. They made so much more sense than any directions for drawing eyes I have ever watched. They were logical and easy to follow.

  2. I loved the checkmark rule! Really made it easy to follow. I have always been amazed at eye drawings, as many say they are the gateway to the soul and you can create so many feelings from drawing an eye. Proper placement of the highlights really makes them pop! Great video.

  3. Hi Matt …. Just finished looking at the “Drawing the Eye” video. I also just completed a drawing of the eye in my scratchpad. You make it look too easy! I am keeping a record of my drawings, and when I finished with my latest drawing of the eye, I looked back at a sketch that I made of the eye approximately a month ago. The one I did a month ago actually looks better than the one I just made. This makes it easy to get frustrated, however, I think I am still on the learning curve. I will keep trying. Thanks for your help!!

    • Hi LaMar! Yes, every drawing that we create can’t be always be the best. But the important thing is that you gain the experience and learn from it. Drawing is a life long endeavor, and perfection is unlikely to ever be reached.

  4. As usual Matt, great video and in depth instruction of drawing eyes, I love eyes because as we know they are the Windows to the soul.
    The markings on the iris around the pupil was great as to the starburst pattern you see when you look at your eyes 🙂 It was easier to manage than I thought, strangely the eyelashes I seemed to find the hardest just getting them to flow along the eyelids, but knowing the “check mark rule ” was great.
    After completing this course eventually as I should of had it done by now, my health issues affected the rate I’ve gone through it, but after finishing it I’m going onto doing your portrait course which will a great transition from these facial features.looking forward to starting my 2nd course with you 👍👍

  5. I also did an eye about a month ago. Watching this helped so much following that earlier effort because I could see why I struggled in some areas. But the initial effort was done somewhat fluidly as an initial attempt and my more “formal” effort will be thru this module. LaMar’s comment will be helpful as my tendency to overwork toward “perfection” can tend to increase my expectation and decrease my spontaneity. A little OCD, perhaps 🙂

  6. Matt,

    I want to thank you for bringing the kid in me back out to play. I used to draw in my early teens and somewhere along the way I just stopped doing it. lately I have been searching for a hobby to give me something to do and I decided to see if I can learn to draw and not just sketch or doodle. I’ve always wanted to create pictures like the ones you are doing. Well, anyways I am rambling on here and I just want to thank you for this website and your wonderful style of teaching. I may be 56 years old but I feel like a kid again! Thanks again, I cannot wait to start the other courses. I want to learn everything 🙂

  7. Great, Matt! My eyes are quite realistic now. Love the checklist idea and the order you do the lashes. If doing a very accurate full face is it better to start with a grid? Thanks

  8. I subscribe to your drawing classes and have enjoyed them. I have one concern. Your pictures in this section and in the portrait classes are of Caucasian people. The presence or absence of an epicanthal fold makes difference in drawing th eyelid. Half of my family is from Asia. They do not have an epicanthal fold but many people do.

    • Hi Carol,
      Yes, every eye is different. This is the case no matter what the ethnicity or race of the person. You’ll likely notice that every “Caucasian” eye is very different from the next also. This is why it is important to observe your subject closely. There isn’t a drawing formula that fits every eye, therefore the ethnicity of the subject is largely irrelevant. This video demonstrates a simple process of drawing an eye (any eye) using a specific order. This order of mark making can be applied to any eye you wish to draw from observation. The drawing created in this lesson is very generic and was not drawn from an observed subject.

  9. I do love your site and your informative lessons, but I do find the background music very loud and very distracting. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but I really don’t need the music at all. Thanks!

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