The Secrets to Drawing: Space

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Lesson Discussion

  1. I became a member last week and I am very impressed with the videos and instruction so far. These beginner videos explaining the “how” of drawing are exactly what I need to understand how an artist translates a 3 dimensional object onto 2 dimensional space. I’m looking forward to everything coming up!

  2. Sorry to ask a “techie” question but the videos are freezing on me quite frequently (sometimes every two seconds). The current one will not play. Can someone help me? Again, I apologize for the interruption. Great courses.

    • Hi Alfred,
      The videos by default will play in high definition, which pulls a lot of bandwidth. If your connection is a little slow or unstable, you may click on the “HD” button on the player to turn off the high definition feature. Alternatively, you can download the video to watch without streaming.

  3. I am a beginner beginner. I just started drawing in January. I have never drawn before except for how a child draws. The problem I am having is that I do not know where to start. Do I start in the middle of the page, top, bottom or side? Do I learn this when I learn perspective? I want to draw some Thomas Kincaid’s Snow white comes across the Seven Dwarves House, but I keep on running out of room on my paper. I have even went larger on than 8×14 and still have a problem. Please help me

    • Hi Elisa,

      You can start anywhere you like on the paper. For drawing with perspective, you’ll want to define the horizon line first, but it can be anywhere on the paper or even off the paper entirely.

  4. Thank you Matt, never thought there are so many ways of showing space in our art. Wanted to download the ebook, when I clicked on download ebook was wondering where does the ebook go and how do I find it? Was not given a choice on where to save it.

    Thank you

  5. This is amazing. Once my “Artistic Brain” understands these things, I look at the world around me differently! Every time I pass a forest, corn field, lake, or even just looking at things in my room, every one of these rules is applied! Art really makes us look at things around us in a more interesting way… and I love it!

  6. I’m new to this Site and have purchased only the Secrets to Drawing at this stage. The course looks well set out, easy to follow. I’ve read a couple of comments about not having any home work, I have to agree with this, it seems very easy to get through. Also noticed something huge for me that I really struggle with, shading! I don’t see any topic or advice on it with cross hatching etc. Can someone please correct me if I am wrong? Thanks

  7. Hi Matt,
    I just signed up and am glad I did. What a great site and you are an excellent instructor!!! I really appreciate what you are doing!! Just great!! Thank you!!

  8. Hi Matt !… I think I had quote withdrawal at the end of this video 😀
    I’ve liked all the modules so far, and I’ve learned and improved so much already… thanks !!

  9. Hi Matt, thank you million times for your tutorials ! They are really great, so precise and friendly. They contain exactly what you need and the explanations are very clear and precise (which is very important). I have never thought that I will enjoy drawing so much and I am very excited. I just wish I could progress faster. Thank you so much!

  10. Hello Matt! I am so pleased that I signed up with The Virtual Instructor It is exactly what I needed. This is my first week and you are really opening my eyes to the wonderful world of drawing!

  11. Hi – In the 2 objects that you drew for “Size” – suppose the smaller of the 2 was the planet Mercury , the larger being Venus, and the point of view is the sun. In what ways would you convey that the smaller of the 2 objects is actually closer than the larger? Thank you, William

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