The Stages of Artistic Development


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Let's take a look at the stages to artistic development. I have actually written a fairly lengthy blog post on this subject in the past.  I'll leave a link to that article for further reading - The Stages to Artistic Development

I decided to revisit this topic on video because I think the topic is important to drawing improvement

Excuses for Not Drawing Well

Often, we make excuses for why we cannot achieve certain things in life.  The excuse most heard when it comes to drawing is "I don't have talent".  Mostly this is because society groups us into categories at an early age and makes us believe in perceived limitations that often shape us into the people we are today. An example of this - you have talent or you don't.  There is an acceptance that if you are labeled as not having talent, then you will never be able to draw well - no matter what you do.   This is just not true. Unfortunately, it is ingrained at an early age, and people believe it. 

Drawing Can Be Learned

Drawing is a skill that can be learned and developed.  Sure, some people will learn and develop quicker than others.  But drawing is something we all can do, if we are willing to learn and work.  For more on what drawing is really all about check out this page.

Now that I've ranted for a moment - back to the importance of the stages of artistic development.

We All Develop 

We all develop artistically, just as we develop walking and talking abilities.  We grow in our understanding and approach to drawing and painting.  We go through stages as we develop.  If we understand the stages that we go through in this development process, it is easier for us to accept the truth - that we can improve our drawing abilities. 

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