Portrait Drawing The Smart Way – The Eye – Profile View

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Description: A look at drawing the eye from a profile view using a step by step approach of observation and application of material.

Suggested Materials: "HB" graphite pencil, "4B" graphite pencil, white charcoal pencil, toned gray drawing paper, blending stump, kneaded eraser.



Portrait Drawing The Smart Way – The Eye – Profile View — 2 Comments

  1. One of the many things I discovered was that I was drawing with a heavy pencil. I kept doing exercises over and over again until I got closer to what I felt was expected. Using light grey paper was also difficult for me to draw on but I struggled through it. I also live in BF Spain, where there are few art supplies available. I found myself using my white soft pastels and my Carbothello pencils for highlights. I had put away my pencils long ago but was glad I pulled them out again. Great course teaching an ancient dog new tricks.

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