Portrait Drawing The Smart Way: The Eye - Profile View

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Lesson Discussion

  1. One of the many things I discovered was that I was drawing with a heavy pencil. I kept doing exercises over and over again until I got closer to what I felt was expected. Using light grey paper was also difficult for me to draw on but I struggled through it. I also live in BF Spain, where there are few art supplies available. I found myself using my white soft pastels and my Carbothello pencils for highlights. I had put away my pencils long ago but was glad I pulled them out again. Great course teaching an ancient dog new tricks.

  2. Hi Bro,

    thank you very much for your tutorials, really appreciated. can i know how you photo your finished work? can i have the same result using a mobile phone cam?

  3. These are wonderful instructions.

    But, with respect, I am one of those individuals that finds it extremely challenging to follow the verbal instruction with the “background” music. My attention is pulled into the rhythmic pattern of the music. Very difficult.

    I much prefer no music.


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