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Lesson Discussion

  1. good morning matt,
    1.i was wondering if the quality of materials will make a strong difference in the outcome of the finished piece..??
    ie. using prang drawing pencils verses general
    ie.conte paris white verses charcoal white
    ie.stumps from michael’s (taiwan)
    2.iam using the strathmore tone paper
    my first 2 drawings of the skull were good technically but the pencil quality suffered…not rich….
    please comment…(i will purchase your suggested material later as i did with the pencil colors.

  2. I haven’t tried drawing it yet (not until I get all the right materials) but I have a strong hope that I will be able to do it. I understood everything in both videos and feel as though I’ve already drawn this by just watching it come to life so easily. I’ve found portraits really hard to draw and I’m already finding solutions to my questions and sudden burst of anger when “trying” to draw one, lol. 😉
    Thanks Matt!!

  3. Another great module it looks so effortless when you do it ! I am getting there however I have not got a white charcoal pencil so I am using a which pastel for now until I can get one .

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