Realistic Pencil Drawing: Value, Texture, and a Square

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Lesson Description

In this lesson series, we’ll take a look at the importance of value and texture and the role they play in developing a realistic drawing.

Lesson 1 - Value

In this lesson, we explore value - one of the seven elements of art.

Lesson 2 - Mark Making

In this lesson, we begin our look at texture by exploring mark making.

Lesson 3 - Inventing Textures

In this lesson, we look at creating textures from imagination that represent surfaces from reality.

Lesson 4 - Simulating Textures

In this lesson, we work from photo references to replicate observed textures.

Lesson 5 - Square of Patience

In this lesson, we wrap up our look at texture by completing one last texture study.

Lesson Materials

  • Stonehenge White Paper
  • 2H, HB, and 2B Graphite Pencils
  • Blending Stumps
  • Vinyl or Plastic Eraser

Lesson Resources


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Photo References

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Thank you Matt for coming up with this new course. I LOVE it and I was really looking forward to getting all info you are giving on how and when to use the different grades of graphite to render realistic values and textures. You are THE BEST.

  2. Hi Matt,
    I love the way how you repeatedly explain the seven elements of art in almost all your lessons! It reminds me of my driving teacher back then by giving same instructions until automatical driving was achieved.
    Great, great, great!

  3. Hi Matt,
    I want to assure you that your time taken to produce these has been well spent.

    You have brought the study of art to my home – this is the only way I have been able to move forward. Your attitude of light-hearted seriousness is perfect for me. Your courses are so well thought out.

    Soooooooo excited to begin this course! Yay!!

  4. I am amazed that, following along with you, I managed to do the swatches. The final swatch was a real eye opener. I will be smiling to myself for the rest of the day. A real lesson, thank you.

  5. The Square of Patience exercise was as enlightening, as promised. I finished slightly before two hours, but found my paper was overworked. Seems I had gotten too intense with the 2H and mangled the paper a bit. Also, on the texture swatches yesterday my supposed 2H mechanical pencil actually had some leftover 2B. I finally got this figured out today, but was not used to the feel of the 2H. Live and learn:) These are great lessons because they have the perfect mix of challenge and reward. I really liked what you said about finishing a section in order to feel a small sense of satisfaction.

  6. Hi Matt – I have a question about the value section. Looking at the cast shadow of the ball ( or sphere), there is a highlight in the back part of the shadow…if we consider the photo as “flat”, it is at the top of the cast shadow. Where does this highlight come from? Thanks.

  7. I am so glad that I found you online. I have been drawing since old enough to hold a pencil, but as I got older, I have never been happy with my work. Looking at this course has showed me what I have been doing wrong. Your classes are awesome because you are so good at what you do. I recently signed up, so there is much to cover. Thankfully, I am retired and this fills my time because it’s what I love to do. Thank you!!

  8. I tried to learn things myself but, it would not work at all. When i tried this cource, i’ve learned so much in one our! I highly recommend you try this! if you dint already!

  9. I tried to learn things myself but, it would not work at all. When i tried this cource, i’ve learned so much in one our! I highly recommend you try this! if you dint already!

    Thx Matt!

  10. Dear Matt,
    I finally decided tomchallenge me with this course. You offer a life long study possibility, which is precious. My husband is so happy for me having found TVI. I hope to improve my observation skills, hand-eye coorditation and of course my drawing skills with this lesson.
    Thank you so much for everything you do and are,

  11. Dear Matt, this course is fantastic! I wish that I had visited earlier on my art journey. The car just was so intimidating that I shyed away. Just finished the “square if patience” whitch took me about 4,5 hours.

    You hoped, your studends might have a “aha” moment.

    You were absolutely right. Not only one, but several “ahas”! This square if patience tought me more than I wouod have imagined.

    Just threw my intimidation into the bin.
    You can draw anything!!!

    Thank you for this fabulous time you are gifting to your students.


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