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"The Secrets to Drawing" is the most complete online drawing video course available for learning how to draw.  Drawing is a skill that is learned and developed and this video course is designed to give you the knowledge that you need to draw better almost immediately! The course includes 28 modules and 26 ebooks.


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Description: Drawing the figure in perspective

Suggested Materials: graphite pencils, white drawing paper, photo reference

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Every demo above is included (and more not pictured.)


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The Secrets to Drawing – Foreshortening — 8 Comments

  1. Me siento feliz, ante la oportunidad de aprender a Dibujar, siguiendo los pasos de este magnífico MÉTODO. Entiendo que todo será posible, en la medida que yo sea constante en practicar, dibujando, dibujando y siempre dibujando. Gracias.

    • The heads of children are typically larger in relationship to the body. The features also appear lower on the head as well. Look for any comparisons that you use when drawing children. Since children grow at different rates, there is no formula for body shapes.

  2. I have a problem printing the ebooks. On the pages that you draw lightly, the lines do not show up on the printed page. Going forward can you draw the initial sketches a little darker? Or is this a personal problem?
    Love! the classes.

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Thanks for your comment. The initial sketches are shown exactly how they are drawn, which is very light in the early stages of a drawing. If the contrast is not strong enough to view when printed out, you may try adjusting the settings through the printer manager on your computer to increase the contrast.

  3. Hi Matt, I love your method for teaching figure drawing, are you planing doing a course of figure drawing for a more in depth learning of it? It would be awesome.

  4. Yes, that is an issue I have also Matt. You are a great instructor, I just wish for the sake of showing us how to do the sketch, you would please make the light lines a little darker. A few other on line instructors usually just state the fact that for teaching purposes they are making the lines darker. Otherwise I am so happy I found your site. And thank you so much!!

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