25 Days to Better Drawings – Day Ten – Drawing Basic Forms

25 Days to Better Drawings: Drawing Basic Forms

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25 Days to Better Drawings – Day Ten – Drawing Basic Forms — 11 Comments

  1. Just completed day 9 and can already see an improvement. Love that I m following a planned system that builds skills. Amazed how much easier it is to work with shapes instead of trying to establish a contour line to describe an object. I am never going to misjudge the size of drawing to paper again! Pleasure to work along with a soothing relaxed teacher and to have something to revise with the e-book on each lesson. Thank you Matt, so glad to have found the right Instructor.

  2. I’d also like to know how to determine the shape of the cast shadows. Obviously, one could get a physical model of the shape and shine a light on it, but in the absence of that, is there a way to work it out geometrically? Or is it just a matter of experience?

  3. Hi there, I do have the same question as Carolyn. Why does the shadows appear on the right-behind-side instead if right-front-side, while the lightsource is definded coming from the upper left side. Are there any tips finding the shape of the shadows?

    Thanks, Buddy

    • Hi Buddy,

      The light source is actually from the upper left and slightly in front of the forms. This places the cast shadows slightly behind the forms, but also on the right side.

  4. Hello Matt,
    Thank you so much for your lessons, just finished lesson 9, it is amazing, as you would say awesome, i made so much progress, unbelievable…
    Thank you, Christiane

  5. Hi Matt once again another fabulous lesson I am learning a huge amount from these .
    Everyone must had bought the grey tonal paper iv been searching all sites to get a grey pad I finally ordered one guess what yes out of stock due in soon ! So I have it on back order!
    I am doing these lessons on white paper I will re visit as soon as my grey pad arrives .

  6. I’m confused. If light travels in straight rays – and it does – put your light at the upper left rear corner of the form. How do you bend the light so the form blocks it from the full left and casts shadow to the full right side of each form. It seems, and other tutorials indicate, that the cast shadow would be more on the front side of those forms than on the left side. Depending on how close to the form the light source is,the cast shadow can spread over into that right side, but I can’t make it feel right if it is completely on the right side. Where am I missing the thinking?

    • Hi Maryan,

      In all four forms, the light source is originating from the upper left corner and slightly in front of each form. I’m not fully understanding what you mean by “bending the light” or why other tutorials would tell you that the cast shadow must be in front of the forms. The location and shape of the cast shadow is dependent on the strength and positioning of the light source or sources. I think you may be assuming that the light source is originating from behind the forms – but it is not. Could this be the reason that it looks strange to you?

  7. Hi Matt,
    Is there a trick to visualizing the distance for the second two lines? I find I can not do it without using perspective, i.e. a horizontal line and two points
    Thank you,

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