Pen and Ink Drawing Lessons

A collection of tutorials on drawing and painting with ink.
Line and mark-making are essential elements in pen and ink drawing. But there's more to drawing with ink than using a pen. Include a bit of ink wash and the potential for this beloved drawing medium explodes. Whether tighter, more controlled drawing is the style you're after - or a looser wash of grays - ink can help you do them both.

Pen and Ink Course
The Pen and Ink Experience

A complete course on drawing with pen and ink.

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Mixed media portrait lesson
Combine watercolor and pen and ink to create an expressive mixed media portrait.
How to draw with markers - skull
Learn how to draw with professional markers in this lesson that features a drawing of a colorful skull.



Line and Wash Combine Pen and Ink and Watercolor
Learn how to combine pen and ink applications with watercolor washes to create a line and wash drawing of an octopus.
Crayon etching lesson
Learn the process of crayon etching in this free drawing lesson video.


Ink wash still life lesson excerpts
Learn how to use ink wash to create a still life painting in this tutorial that features excerpts of a 1 hour Live Lesson.
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A Bit About Ink

Ink can be applied to a surface through a pen or by brush.  Ink has been a reliable medium for many illustrators because of its permanence, versatility and its ability to be reproduced accurately.

Inks come in a variety of colors and can be applied to a variety of surfaces. 

Mostly inks are applied to smooth surfaced papers, but watercolor paper is also an acceptable surface.  Inks can be applied to dried watercolor paintings and are often used in conjunction other mediums.