The Secrets to Drawing – Drawing with Ink

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Drawing with ink

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"The Secrets to Drawing" is the most complete online drawing video course available for learning how to draw.  Drawing is a skill that is learned and developed and this video course is designed to give you the knowledge that you need to draw better almost immediately! The course includes 28 modules and 26 ebooks.


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Description: An exploration of the drawing medium of ink. Concepts covered include ink wash, choosing the right ink, pen and ink applications with a nib pen.

Suggested Materials: Carbon Black Pigmented Ink, nylon brushes, water, watercolor paper, nib pen with a sharp nib

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Every demo above is included (and more not pictured.)


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The Secrets to Drawing – Drawing with Ink — 16 Comments

  1. Hi
    Thanks for the wonderful work which is making my job as a teacher so much easier. I seem to be battling with the download of the Drawing with Ink EBook. I have tried a number of times to no avail.

  2. hello everyone
    i like to do stippling drawings and i would like some suggestions on how to select different objects
    like the example of the black boy and the man on a bike that was shown in the lesson plan tutorial
    using ink drawing techniques.
    tank you
    rudy andrade

  3. I to love to do Stippling and would very much like to learn more about this method. Thanks Matt I am really enjoying your Drawing Workshops would very much have liked to seen how you did your initial drawing for this workshop

  4. Hi Matt,
    I love this technique of using pen and ink. I have just started to draw again after many many years of not drawing. I am learning so many new ways of enhancing a normal graphite drawing.
    Thank you so much for the courses, they are awesome and can not wait to get some ink and pen to try this technique also.

  5. Matt,
    I am having trouble downloading the video for Mod 16 Drawing with Ink, in the Secrets to Drawing class. Is there a problem with it? I’m not having any problem with the other Mod videos. The Ebook downloaded fine. Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.

    • Hi Doug,
      The download links appear to be working normally. Which file are you trying to download? Be sure that you are downloading either the SD or HD version. Also check and be sure that your internet connection is strong and uninterrupted.

      • Just now tried the download and it worked fine. Whatever was the problem yesterday has gone away (wish other problems were as easy, like world peace!)

  6. Hi Matt, I am currently in the 7 day trial period and while I am enjoying browsing through the different courses and lessons I am finding a lot of the videos are constantly stopping and starting.I am impressed with the courses content and love your method of teaching but I must confess to being unsure about proceeding further because of this problem. Any idea why this problem is occurring?

    • Hi Kerry,

      The videos are set to play in High Definition by default. Some internet connections may not be able to stream fast enough to stream HD. This causes “buffering” which is what you are experiencing. You may scroll over the video and click on the “HD” icon to turn High Definition off. The ‘buffering” will stop after you do this. I hope this helps.

  7. Thanks for the pen and ink drawing. You helped solve many of the mysteries of pen and ink drawing for me. Love the drawing you did of the barn.

  8. Thanks for this course Matt. I’m really enjoying it and learning a lot. One thing that would be helpful is if, as part of the materials for the lesson (or maybe in the e-book) you would provide a clear copy of the line/contour drawing that is used as the basis for the demonstration. For example, with this lesson, the drawing that you were working on was so faint I could barely see it. Thanks!

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