The Pen and Ink Experience – Landscape Drawing

The Pen & Ink Experience: Landscape Drawing

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Lesson Description

A look at landscape drawing with pen and ink. Textures and values are developed using a variety of mark making techniques to create the illusion of depth and space in a landscape.

Lesson Materials

Micron pen - "01", Bristol paper (vellum surface), "HB" pencil, kneaded eraser

Lesson Resources

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The Pen and Ink Experience – Landscape Drawing — 15 Comments

  1. Vid #4 gets to around 16 minutes and then won’t load further. I tried several times. I turned off my laptop and started over 3 x and it still gets stuck at this point. Anyone else having this problem, or is it just my computer?

  2. Matt, could you please give some indication of the size of your drawings? Clearly this beautiful landscape is quite small and size surely matters here.

  3. Hi, Matt. I really like your drawing of the barn and trees. About how long did it take you to complete the drawing? Just curious. I’ll put in as much time as I need to feel that my drawing is complete. Really enjoying this so far.

Lesson Discussion