The Pen & Ink Experience: Conclusion

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Lesson Description

The conclusion to "The Pen and Ink Experience". A look at what was covered in the course and where to go from here.

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Lesson Discussion

  1. You’ve shown me answers to so many of my questions about pen and ink. I plan to put what I’ve learned into practice and am excited about taking another course. Your instruction is excellent and well worth my time and money. Thank you. I’ve waited a long time for something like this.

  2. THis course is SO great! I drew your landscape, a different face & still life, and your dog. I have drawn/painted with pen & ink before, but I still learned SO much. I had never been able to get myself to draw a face before, but I soldiered through, and I was happy with the result. Your instruction really helps. I also appreciate how we can download at different densities. It’s very expensive to stream video where I live, so it was nice to be able to download it and watch it at my own pace!! Thank you so much for keeping up “modern” technology that way!

  3. Thanks Matt! Another medium that I wish to practice and master to add to my graphite, pastels, engraving and woodburning skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone, Thanks again!

  4. I loved this course very much!! And I learned a lot,though still need to be practcie:D. Hope you make more advanced course of art, not just for beginners’. THANK YOU!

  5. I loved this course and all the other ones I took from you. You are a master instructor and you may never know the help and support you have given me and, I’m sure, so many others!! Thank you!!!

  6. Where is the link to the quiz for the certificate? I do see the link at the conclusion page for other courses but not for pen and ink..

    • Hi Jinghang,

      Ok, take a look now. It looks like there was a coding error that was showing the button to some users, but hiding it for others. You should be able to see the button now.

    • Hi Christine,

      Teachers have to renew their licenses every few years and require CEUs to do so. It stands for Continuing Education Units. Some of the teachers that use the site have told me that their school system would count our courses for credits and that they simply needed some documentation. The certificates provide this documentation for those teachers.

      • Ahhhhh okay Matt,over in UK,it’s called CPD for most professional jobs even teaching i think.
        It stands for continued professional development.
        I wasn’t going to do this course but be a im using ink pens Faber Castell and micron for some stippling drawings i decided to do it before i see what others I want to do.
        And its interesting, im going to do the landscaping and the portrait, it will be my 1st port

        • Portrait, I sent before it finished !! Doh.
          I’ve never done either landscape & portrait so I’m not being to serious but will have a go 😉

  7. Hi Matt! Awesome course! I’ve really enjoyed it and feel more confident with my skill level. I am having some difficulty taking the quiz. When I click the Quiz Link, it takes me to a page that says, “Make a passing grade to collect your certificate”, or something similar. I am not able to go any further and see no quiz. Appreciate any advice you will give. Thanks ever so much, Sara

    • Hi Sara,

      Thanks for reaching out. It sounds as though your log in session may have expired before accessing the quiz page. If you are not logged in when you access the page, the quiz will not show, but the top message will still be visible.

  8. Hi Matt, I followed the Pen & ink course and I also did the test with a grade of 7/10 but it doesn’t tell me where I went wrong, it would be useful to know it to correct the defects, you don’t agree, thanks

    • Hi Gio,

      Yes and no. Some teachers take these quizzes and may receive credit towards their renewal. By showing the answers after taking the quiz, it would make the quiz too easy to pass. This would remove any credibility to the quiz. Someone could simply skip to the last module, take the quiz, note what they missed, and then take the quiz again without learning anything – and receive a certificate. The certificate that is only issued upon passing the quiz would not be credible, if that were the case.

  9. I’ve just watched this course for the first time. Incredible. The dog is amazing, I was so transfixed that I watched it twice. Now to have a go. Thank you for being so explicit.

  10. Hi Matt,I’ve lost my way a bit because of ongoing health problems and I’ve been doing a few commisions for friends. Once they sorted I want to get back to more learning, you have so much more now on here I really want to do.
    Thanks for all you do for your art students hope you and your family are well all the best Christine xx

  11. Thanks very much! I enjoyed this course, my only regret is that its not long enough! It would be nice to be able to draw along but you will say that is what the live lessons are for. Anyway thanks once again for a lovely course.

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