The Pen & Ink Experience: Introduction and Materials

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Lesson Description

An introduction to β€œThe Pen and Ink Experience" video series. A look at the basic materials used and comparisons between technical pens, dip or nib pens, and painting with a brush.

Lesson Materials

Micron pens - sizes "01,03,05", Dip or nib pens, liquid ink ("Carbon Black" preferred), Bristol paper (Vellum surface), and a Nylon brush.

Lesson Resources

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Hi Matt. I’m really looking forward to this course. At this stage I have only one question for you – will you be addressing watercolor washes as well as ink washes? Or is there no significant difference between the techniques?
    Best wishes, Bill

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks! This course will strictly be centered around ink. We’ll be covering ink wash – but not watercolor. There is a difference between the two. Ink cannot be reactivated like watercolor can.

  2. Hey Matt.

    What’s the audience of this course? I have just a bit wxperience with pencil and oil, but only as a beginner. Will my minimal background fit for this course?

    Thank you!

  3. In addition to your course (I didn’t watch it yet, sorry) – could you recommend any good “third-party” (or your own, e.g.) book for reading and learning ink drawing/painting along with your course? I mean a full-size paper or e-book with wide information about the history, old masters, techniques, famous artists, secrets and so on.

    P.S. I was buying your courses on udemy before – I should note that you’re an awesome tutor and a pretty charismatic person. And I’ve started to dive deep into fine art thanks to you, Matt πŸ™‚

  4. Really looking forward to studying this course! I think ink is such an overlooked and underrated medium. You can produce such cool effects and really give the illusion of realism.

  5. I like pen and ink drawing a lot. This course is educating me in drawing with pen and ink in ways more interesting and believable. Thanks for creating these superb lessons.

  6. Hi Matt,
    I am new to this membership. I live in Western Australia and I would like to know what you mean by carbon black ink.
    Is it water based or alcohol based. What do I look for in WA Australia? I don’t live near Perth the Capital City but I can order online if I know what to look for. Would you know the brand names that are compatible with what you use?

  7. I am very excited to start this course! Going back to school after many years, I want to be ready for my Art classes that will be coming soon. I did great in High school, but I stopped drawing and I want to get back into my Art. I can’t wait!

  8. As my portrait course has been postponed as I’ve not been well lately, my pain levels are not good and so I’ve had a lot of motivation issues and my course has suffered even just me drawing.
    I’m working on my motivation buts its ver very slow. But pleased to say I’ve started a few projects πŸ˜ƒ And I discovered ‘inktober’ for the 1st time, I have ink pens so I thought I would have a go which has resulted in 3 new ink drawings, one completed but still working on the last 2 days of October so I’m going to be late submitting but I will complete them, it’s just a challenge in which he did to help himself & it took off like it does lol.
    He is an artist & illustrator, I won’t post his name in case I’m not supposed to but when I say now is relevant because I’ve been doing this ink challenge and I now want to do Matts pen & ink experience then in the new year I can hopefully start back on portrait course.. Looking forward to just starting a new course πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. Hi Matt. I am really looking forward to this course. It is part of the Bundle for Good I signed up for… I am wondering about fountain pens & Fude pens for this course.. are they acceptable, too? And could you please recommend 2 types of nibs for starting out with? I have not used dip pens (but have used fountain pens extensively)and if I am going to get a couple of nibs, I want to learn on good ones – meaning ‘appropriate’, not necessarily ‘pricey’. All suggestions & links are welcome!Thanks! See you in class!

    • Hi Dennis,

      I spoke with you on the phone, but for anyone else who may have this question – the ebooks are PDF files. If Kindle can read PDFs, then you should be able to read them on there.

  10. Hi Matt. I’m happy to take on these courses. I actually have been drawing before taking lessons. I have a question. I’m in to fine line drawing. Can I use the UniPin pens (0.03 and 0.05) for the lessons?

    Also, I have Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Paper (Cold Pressed). Can I use this paper for the lessons?

  11. Hello, I am trying to download lesson pdf’s to print and cannot. I was able to a few weeks ago. I need them for my upcoming years curriculum. Can you assist me with this? Thanks, Eric.

  12. This lesson is so cool! I just started to want to get serious in my art, and this is helping me a lot. I am so excited for future courses or videos. Anisha

  13. Hello, Im so looking forward to this course, I am a total beginner. My only concern is that I’m left handed, my days of fountain pens left me traumatized as my work would smudge , I was told I had the worse handwriting in school. Im sure there are many followers who are left handed, how do people manage this. I have just started to dare to draw. I love the work artist do with this median. I really like the work of NZ artist Ray Hamon. Look forward to your reply.

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