Live Lessons: "Train" - Line and Wash

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This lesson series features:
7 Hours of Instruction
7 Videos

About This Lesson Series...

In this lesson series, we create a line and wash (pen and ink with watercolor) image of a unique train.

Lesson 1 (1:03:51)

In lesson one, we draw out the contours with a graphite pencil.

Lesson 2 (1:05:19)

In lesson two, we begin with pen and ink applications on the train.

Lesson 3 (1:02:20)

In lesson three, we complete the ink applications on the train and begin adding cast shadow underneath.

Lesson 4 (1:07:12)

In lesson four, we begin adding pen and ink applications to the background.

Lesson 5 (1:03:30)

In lesson five, we complete the pen and ink drawing and begin with light watercolor washes.

Lesson 6 (1:04:41)

In lesson six, we continue with watercolor washes, working our way down to the train and foreground.

Lesson 7 (1:15:15)

In lesson seven, we complete the image by addressing the people in front of the buildings.

pen and ink and watercolor drawing of a train

Resources for this Lesson...

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Photo Reference

Here's what you'll need...

  • Graphite Pencil (H)
  • 140 lb Hot Press Watercolor Paper
  • Technical Drawing Pens or Nib Pens
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Nylon Brushes
  • Gouache (optional)

Lesson Discussion

  1. I’m so happy you decided to draw a train. Synchronically I had picked an image of a train to draw… I prefer your image and can’t wait to get started. Thank you!

  2. Matt, would you use this approach if you were to use colored markers or with water color pencils? I don’t have any water colors yet.

    • Hi Peter,

      No, the approach would be different for colored pencils and watercolor pencils. I wouldn’t use any ink for colored pencils or watercolor pencils. I would apply these mediums directly in layers and skip pen and ink applications all together.

  3. I think this stand on it’s own as just ink drawing I really like it. One other thing I wanted to ask and that’s whether or not you do any digital in Photoshop or other apps? I’m full of questions today!

  4. I am watching this a bit late, but this live stream, video, whatever you want to call it was amazing! I sat and watched through the whole thing without getting up. It was pretty cool!

  5. Matt, I’m thinking of dipping my toes in watercolor and I wanted to know what the difference is between the Windsor Newton Pro and what they call Cotman color?

    • Hi Peter,

      There is a difference. I have found the Cotman watercolors to be of high quality, however some colors seem a little too bright. I guess the best way to describe it is that some colors in the Cotman line seem less natural than those in the Pro line. I use both product lines and have found success with both. The Cotman colors just need a little more layering and perhaps some muting before looking natural.

  6. Hi there. I teach little kids, and when I draw with them online, I sometimes do 2 at a time showing them how to draw lightly but also drawing darker just so they can see better.

  7. Hi Matt, I hate to bother you again but you mention you will be using Stonehedge paper what brand do you use and what is stonehedgr paper. Does it come in different weights?
    I want to get ready for the next live session and hopefully catch it live for a change.
    Thanks again for your support.

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