Subjects with Pen and Ink: Animals

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Lesson Description

In this lesson series, we’ll draw several different animals with pen and ink.

Lesson 17 - Bird

In lesson seventeen, we use nib (or dip) pens and cross hatching to create a drawing of a bird on smooth Bristol paper.

Lesson 18 - Butterfly

In lesson eighteen, we use technical drawing pens and cross hatching to create a drawing of a butterfly.

Lesson 19 - Koi

In lesson nineteen, we use ink wash and nib pens to create a drawing of a Koi fish.

Lesson 20 - Elephant

In lesson twenty, we use technical drawing pens to create a drawing of an elephant.

Lesson 21 - Crab

In lesson twenty-one, we use technical drawing pens to create a drawing of a crab.

Lesson Materials

  • Technical Drawing Pens
  • Dip or Nib Pens
  • Bottled Ink (Carbon Black)
  • Smooth Bristol Paper
  • Hot Press Watercolor Paper
  • Nylon Brushes
  • 2H, H, or HB Graphite Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser

Lesson Resources


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Finished Drawing

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Ooohhhh this is aassome, sorry I’ve not been around much on here. You know when I told you I was struggling with my health issues and it’s took a long time to break through, I did it but then it all came back.
    I did Inktober last year and only got one finished so I was determined to do it, well didn’t get any posted but it doesn’t matter I’ve done 9 drawings which I’m on inking.
    I’m really proud of myself doing 9 drawings in a month 😁😁😁.
    And now you doing pen & ink series. I am actually half way through your pen & ink course. I’ve quite enjoyed drawing with ink pens and bottled ink.The only thing I found challenging is blending with ink, it’s not as easy as ya think.
    Again thanks for everything Matt because I’ve grown so much even though I haven’t thought that myself. And I fell in the house because my bad leg will give way and sometimes I’ve issues with my balance but this time I managed to break my foot, God was agony !!!!
    I have a high pain threshold because of my conditions, anyway I went over on my foot.
    And it’s broken and I was thinking no my Inktober but they gave me. Moon boot helping me walk whilst it’s healing.

    Never rains but it pours…..
    Kind regards Christine 😁

    • Hi there, thanks for your message I’m actually going to do these whilst finishing the course.
      I was moving on to coloured pencils next but because I’m doing these ink drawings it will all tie in 😁😁😁 I’m going to enjoy this all.
      When I started studying with Matt I was just doing black n white pencil drawings & that’s all I wanted to do.
      Now I’m like ooohh I want to do this and that lol. I’m like a little sponge.
      And I definitely didn’t think I would be doing pen & ink at all.then I decided to do Inktober, last year & year before I did Inktober, I did 2 the 1st year but I did around 8 sketches ready to ink.
      I know it’s practice loads and I will be continuing to practice more because I need to be doing more drawings this year.
      It all depends on my health of course that’s why it can take me a while, I have good days and bad days, usually there is more bad.
      But I’m sure I will get there xx

  2. I think your courses are quite a new member (from ,,down under,,) I really appreciate your professionalism and artistic skills…and I am already back to drawing…
    Well done

  3. I am amazed at myself. When I was in school I never managed to write cleanly in ink as a left-handed woman. Since left-handers push and don’t pull while writing, like right-handers, the nibs suffered massively and a smear was nothing unsusual; o). It is all the more surprising that I had absolutely no problems drawing with ink. Thanks to Matt’s graet lessons and instructions.

  4. Hi Matt! How do you determine which pen, or pens, you’ll use in these drawings? Do you ever use the .8 pen? And how do you determine which drawings are best for dip pens versus technical drawing pens?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Dustin,

      Some of it has to do with the size of the paper and the detail of the subject. The smaller the picture plane – the smaller the pen. The same goes for detail – the more detail – the smaller the pen. Sometimes, I’ll need a thicker line for an edge or even a border – this is when I’ll use a larger pen. I always prefer the dip pens, but they take a little longer to use. Mostly, I’ll use a technical drawing pen when there is a lot repetitive marks – just to save a little time.

  5. Nicely done Matt. I just started a Horned Owl drawing and wanted to get some ideas on how to handle it…this video right on the mark. (Had a three hoot owl serenade at oh dark thirty the other morning, thus the inspiration)

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