Colored Pencil Drawing Lessons

A collection of tutorials on colored pencils.


The Colored Pencil Course
The Secrets to Drawing Course
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How to mix dark skin tones with colored pencils
Learn how to mix dark skin tones using four colors in this tutorial that features excerpts from a 2 hour live demonstration.



Drawing Tiny of a Bee with Colored Pencils
Learn how creating a tiny drawing can have a huge impact on your drawing skill and mastery of the medium.


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A Bit on Colored Pencils

This medium is one of my favorites because of it's ability to create detailed drawings. Colored pencils are easy to use "on-site" and are clean enough to use anywhere. 

Colored pencils are a drawing medium that usually consists of waxy (or oil-based) shafts of pigment held together in a wooden shaft.  Colored pencils vary greatly in price and quality.  Softer varieties are generally more desirable for drawing and are usually more expensive as well. 

Colored pencils can be used on a variety of surfaces, but drawing papers are generally the choice of most artists.

Looking to pick up some colored pencils, but don't know which brand to buy?  Check out my comparison chart and see which brands I recommend here.