The Colored Pencil Course: Creating Texture - Part 1

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Lesson Discussion

    • Hi Marilyn. I would start with a quality brand. I suggest using Prismacolor. If the Premier line is too pricey, you can start with the Prismacolor Scholar line.

    • Hi Juliana,

      The watercolor pencils have a different binder than colored pencils and will not behave in the same manner. Watercolor pencils are meant to be activated with water and will not layer and mix like colored pencils. I hope this helps.

  1. matt,
    1.have you heard of “Blind impressing”,do you use it, or teach it? this is lines made by drawing or scribbling on the paper with a point,leaving the
    surface white when shaded over with a colored pencil.

    this is supposibly used to create texture of a wall on the side of old building.


    • Hi Raquel,

      Yes, this technique can be used for a variety of effects. It’s simply indenting the surface of the paper, producing small grooves that cannot be filled with the medium.

  2. Could you do a live lesson sometimes on drawing a cat or kitten in graphite and/or colored pencil and focus on showing how to add white whiskers?

  3. I am drawing a Golden for a friend who was quite old. Most of her face it completely white. I am using tan Stonehenge paper. Would I do some sort of underpainting before I put in the white hairs? Any suggestions?

    • Hi Pat, It’s hard to say exactly without the reference, but most likely, you won’t need to create an underpainting. An underpainting would help if you have a broad range of values and you want to establish those first. If the face is mostly made up of lighter values, then the underpainting may be irrelevant. You can always darken values even if you have lighter values in place.

  4. Hi, Matt on my drawing the fur isn’t coming out like yours. This is first drawing fur my husband says it look good but don’t thank so. I go too Heavy on the dark colors, if you have any suggestions please know.

  5. I try to avoid any tracing of photos so I did not do the exercise above this one, tracing the photo. I will however try to draw this from scratch and do the exercise. Great series!

  6. I waited too long to listen to the part where you said to be careful so as not to make the layers too dark and butchered your dog’s poor ear. So I started again from scratch out of respect for your dog. Picking up more the second time.

    • Hi Julia, the “M” on the top right hand corner refers to the pressure you put on the pencil. “L” is for light pressure, “M” is for medium pressure and “H” is for hard or heavy pressure (I can’t remember exactly which word Matt uses). It is to give an indication of how much Matt presses down on the pencil. I think he references it at the beginning of the course somewhere if you want to recap.

  7. I used the grid technique to create my pencil drawing. Should I erase the grid lines before I start with the color pencil? Or just put the color pencil over them? I’m wondering if it will create problems in the paper if I try to erase the lines first. Thank you.

      • Thank you Matt! I finished the drawing already but yeah, discovered that I should have erased them more than I did. Lesson learned! it’s not too bad. Just a couple of light areas where they show through.

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