Inktense Pencils Part 1

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In this lesson series, we explore application techniques for Inktense pencils. As a medium, Inktense pencils behave in a similar manner as watercolor pencils but are much stronger with color. When dry, applications can be layered over existing colors without altering the color underneath, producing interesting glazing effects. Every step of the process is demonstrated and explained in this series which includes four lessons, each one hour long.

  • Watercolor paper
  • HB graphite pencil
  • Inktense pencils
  • Water
  • Nylon brushes


Inktense Pencils Part 1 — 11 Comments

  1. I just returned yesterday after being away for two years.
    I ordered my Inktense pencils through Amazon. They will get them here in less that 3 months. I had to pay a bit for them though as usual. The set of 24 cost me over $70 US after shipping and customs and everything.
    They should be here after the lesson on Friday ( Time differences).
    In the meantime I am trying to make it on my computer with Clip Studio Pro. Not sure how this is going to turn out.
    Oh yeah, thanks for all the lessons. You have improved my art talents greatly. I am back to find out just what I have forgotten.

  2. Hi Matt …. Trying to get back to the lessons (slowly) after several months of illness with my wife.
    I love the look of the Inktense pencils when they are activated. The drawing of the Strawberries also looks great even before the activation …. I like to look for the way you add the various values of color.
    Here is a bit of humor: I purchased the Derwent Soft Color pencils (a couple of months ago), thinking they were the water soluble type … then put together a few sample patches of all the colors and then came back with water. Well, … Surprise Surprise. Guess I should have paid more attention to the various types of pencils. Oh well …. Still learning.
    Thanks for your videos ….. They are very educational!!!!

  3. Hi Matt, I would like to know after we pick a subject, how do we decide on which medium to use? Can all subjects be coloured, painted or graphite? How do you determine which subject is done with which medium? Thank you

  4. Hi Matt,
    Could you do some more paintings with intense pencils? Also more soft pastel wildlife portraits? Thank you for considering.

  5. Hi! I just found this lesson and I am so grateful, I have had my set of 24 and some additional colors for several years and never had much success with them. Just watching the first two sessions has taught me so much. Thank you Matt.

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