Colored Pencils Plus: Markers and Colored Pencils

Colored pencils Plus Module 3
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Lesson Description

In this lesson series, we’ll combine alcohol-based markers with colored pencils to create a still life image of strawberries on marker paper.

Lesson 1 - Materials and Sketch

In this lesson, we explore the materials and surface that will be used and create the sketch of the strawberries with a pencil.

Lesson 2 - Markers - Part 1

In this lesson, we begin applications of alcohol-based markers which will serve as an underpainting for colored pencil applications.

Lesson 3 - Markers - Part 2

In this lesson, we complete applications of alcohol-based markers and finish our underpainting.

Lesson 4 - Colored Pencils - Part 1

In this lesson, we begin with colored pencil applications, adding details to the starwberries.

Lesson 5 - Colored Pencils - Part 2

In this lesson, we complete the drawing and add highlights with white gouache.

Markers and Colored Pencils - Strawberries

Lesson Materials

  • Marker Paper
  • HB Graphite Pencil
  • Prismacolor Premiere Colored Pencils
  • Alcohol-based Markers
  • White Gouache

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Lesson Discussion

  1. Hello matt I’ve been trying to play your video courses and they keep saying “Sorry we’re having a little trouble” How do I fix this? Should I wait and come back after a few days? Thank you

  2. Also I forgot to ask is there a cheaper alternative set that I can use? Those prisma color markers are way too expensive for me is there any other brand you can recommend that has a similar colour range? I have water-soluble tombow markers that I’m planning on using if that’s okay. I’ll try my best to match those exact reds

    • Hi Yasmeen,

      I would try to find some alcohol-based markers (There are cheaper brands on Amazon). The water-based markers will not produce the same results.

      • Thank you so much! The video is working for me now and I can’t wait to try this it looks so real I love this! I’ve decided to get the Ohuhu Markers instead then so far those are at a good price for me and they have a good range from what I’ve seen

        • Based on my experience and reviews that I have read, the Ohuhu markers are essentially as good as the much more expensive markers. Ohuhu also offers refillable markers.

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