The Colored Pencil Course – Landscape Drawing Part 1

The Colored Pencil Course: Landscape Drawing - Part 1

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The Colored Pencil Course – Landscape Drawing Part 1 — 22 Comments

  1. I just joined today. I am loving my first choice of videos on colored pencil. I am all the way up to this landscape video, and I have not heard you mention which colorless blender you use. As I mentioned, I am loving these videos, and really feel the $19 something each month is a great deal!! Thank you.

  2. while watching the video the sound turned off and a programming page appear , may be you change setting in programming the site please check it i can’t hear the video since that , don’t ignor the course is useless without sound

    • it is working now , i’ve gustes and loved the video and the problem fixed just after my message . best wishes we are a great fans

  3. I wondered the same thing. Maybe the question was answered by private email. Looks like he’s using the sampler box of Mi Teintes colored paper, working on the “eggshell” color. Since I’m just starting out as a bare bones beginner and need to minimize expenses, I’m continuing on with white Stonehenge and Bristol papers. Later, when I get good enough so I’d notice the difference, I’ll get some of the textured and toned paper.

      • Hi Matt,

        I was wondering what the weight of the paper is.
        I see that there is canson Me Teintes 160 gram and there is a 355 gram with is called ‘Canson Mi Teintes Touch’.

        I my country they don’t sell the colour ‘buff’.
        Would either orange or salmon be close enough?

        And…can I uses watercolour coloured pensels on Me Teintes 160 grams also?
        I’m looking for black paper and can only find pastel paper that is of quality and black

  4. The dark seem to dark and before I start how would I light an area that I get to dark and how to tone down a colour that didn’t turn out like I thought?

  5. Is there a limit to the number of layers of color you can add? I can’t tell when watching you draw, but the number seems limitless. It would seem there’d be a limit to the amount of pigment the paper could hold… (I’m really enjoying your classes by the way)

    • Hi Mark,

      In this lesson, the rougher side of the paper is used. It takes a bit more layering, but it also accepts more layers. You can use either side of the paper.

  6. Matt I am loving this course! I am using polychromos, should I work in small circles and work as you describe for prismacolor? Not sue with this being on textured paper.

    • Hi Sue,

      Absolutely. You can apply the pencils in the same manner. The only difference is that oil-based pencils will not burnish like wax-based colored pencils, so you won’t need the colorless blender.

  7. Hi Matt. Love these lessons. Exactly what I have been looking for, for several years. I love using color pencils. I have the Prismacolor and also Fabere Castille oil based ones. My question is,when using oil based pencils, I know there is no need for the colorless blender, but do I use any solvents or anything to achieve that painted look? Thank you so much for all this work you do for us. I am very grateful. love it all.

  8. Hi Matt, really enjoying watching your lessons, not done much drawing as yet due to ill health. Can I ask how long it took to complete this drawing from start to finish. Thanks

  9. Hi Mark, I’m also enjoying these lessons. In the video, you say you build up the colors in the sky until you get a consistency you’re happy with. What consistency makes you happy? I really don’t know how much color to put down.

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