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Mixed Media and Printmaking Lessons

Let's mix it up a bit.
Creative Mixed Media
Get creative by mixing mediums.


11 Lessons | 2 Hours | 10 Ebooks


How to Draw Cherries
Learn how to create a realistic drawing of cherries with markers and colored pencils in this mixed media drawing lesson. Create an underpainting with marker applications before layering colored pencils over the top.
Line and Wash Combine Pen and Ink and Watercolor
Learn how to combine pen and ink applications with watercolor washes to create a line and wash drawing of an octopus.
Mixed media portrait lesson
Combine watercolor and pen and ink to create an expressive mixed media portrait.
How to create an acrylic transfer
Learn how to create acrylic transfers in this free painting lesson video.
Block Printing Lesson
Learn how to create linoleum relief prints (linocuts) in this lesson.
Crayon etching lesson
Learn the process of crayon etching in this free drawing lesson video.
How to create a cut paper image
Use positive and negative space to create a floating cut paper image.  Learn how in this video lesson.
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