Line and Wash – Balance

Line and Wash: Balance

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Lesson Description

The importance of balancing the mediums of watercolor and pen and ink.

Lesson Materials

140 lb hot press watercolor paper, masking tape, soft graphite pencil, sharpened pencil or pen, technical drawing pen, kneaded eraser, watercolor paints, nylon or sable brush, water.

Lesson Resources

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Contour Line Drawing (to transfer)

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Line and Wash – Balance — 20 Comments

  1. Good morning Matt.
    I am hooked. So I upgraded to your lessons. Cannot think of a better forum to learn and expand my knowledge. Thanks to the internet and your effort, approach and ease of use.

    • Hi Dianne,

      Welcome! This is a new course. We release course modules as they are made. The next modules in this course will be released when they are created – usually every week or so.

  2. Thanks Matt – that is so good to know. I wasn’t sure how to bring ink and watercolour together successfully. Is there a way that we can change the speed settings on your videos? I have tried before and couldn’t find the setting. With limited time, it’s sometimes good to be able to play a bit faster. Regards, Anne

  3. Great new format. Looking forward to future lessons. Question: Would a watercolor painting with ink still be considered a watercolor painting or mixed media?

  4. Matt,
    You are GOOD…not that I had any doubts but this was a great module. I was glad that you fast-forwarded us through some parts as the lesson would be too long or even tedious if we needed to watch you make every stroke. But you included just enough to see how it is done and the use of the three renderings was very helpful in picturing what you mean by “balance”. Look forward to the next one. (Hope you didn’t get hit too hard by the storm.)

  5. Matt,
    Great videos.

    I have a question. Silver: in mixing cobalt blue, ultramarine, and burnt umber and add burnt umber I can’t get silver. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi Adam,

      Sorry I’m late to addressing your question. We are mixing a dark gray here instead of a silver. The reason I say this is because it’s a little easier to think of it that way. The white of the paper should show through in areas to produce a grayish color. The look of silver, or any other metallic surface, is the result of positioning light and dark values. With highly reflective surfaces, the dark and light values are often found right beside each other without much transition between tones.

  6. Hello Matt,

    Would you suggest the Watercolor course first and then the Line and Wash? I’ve been working my way through the graphite & colored pencils and haven’t got to the Watercolor portion yet.

    Thanks Gary

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